Tired of zoning in and out
- just want to feel better?

A brain-wise action plan:
 using self-regulating techniques


Self-Regulating Techniques

Eight downloadable Cheat Sheets (Total value: $236)

1. Grounding Technique channels pent-up energy so you can stay connected to important feelings. (Value: $19)

2. C&C Strategies for feeling safe, not vulnerable. (Value: $19)

3. Free Fall Technique for moving out of freeze mode: whether you're numb, checked-out or spacey. (Value: $33)

4. Rest & Remedy technique for crisis/anxious/stress mode back to your Comfort Zone. (Value: $33)

5. Getaway Move for fidgety, frantic and panic states. (Value: $33)

6. Releasing Anger Toolkit for when you're frustrated, grumpy or angry.
(Value: $33)

7. Powering Up Your Imagination for deep healing and deactivating negative memories. (Value: $33)

8. BONUS: Connected Centering Technique - stay connected to your core self in the face of emotional challenges. Includes 'Triggered by Faces' Quiz (Value: $33)

9. Much more...including introductory videos.

Best of all: Once you're a Self-Regulating Techniques Member you're entitled to a discount on all BCP products! (See list below)

An artist's rendering of the Cheat Sheets

Guaranteed Satisfaction? Absolutely!

Unconditional guarantee for 60 days - because I want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

I give you my 60-day Unconditional Guarantee of satisfaction.

I’m confident that you’ll discover Self-Regulating Techniques puts an end to emotional confusion.

I designed this program so you have quick and easy strategies you can use anytime or anywhere for immediate relief.

Dr. Susan LaCombe Psychologist and Trauma Psychotherapist at myShrink.com

However, if you don't feel like you're getting the value you expected, or if you’re just not able to follow through on these brain-wise solutions no matter how hard you try, then just email us within 60 days and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

My personal guarantee is risk-free.


Guaranteed Results? It's up to you!

P.S. I want you to succeed and I've put everything I've learned over the years (as a therapist - even as a therapy client) into these modules so you can focus your efforts on what gives you the best results for feeling better and living your life the way you want.    

And isn't that part of why we're here after all?

Shrinklady Dr Shrinklady




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Includes the Self-Regulating Techniques.​

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