When you’re ready to make changes. . .

As you know, a brain-wise, body-based approach is all about having the right experience. If you’ve been using body-based self-regulating techniques (either in your therapy or on your own) you’ve no doubt discovered how powerfully effective they are.

Yet, if you’re like most people, you’ve also noticed that even good things fade from memory. What will you do to keep making the changes you want, and consolidate the changes you’ve made?

Will you have to do this all on your own?

Take Your BodyMindfulness to the Next Level

As you may know, the brain prefers to use the same old neuropathways. It’s energy-efficient that way. In fact, that’s the “resistance” you feel when you start anything new (in therapy or when you’re facing a troublesome habit).

Changing these pathways (i.e. your entrenched patterns) requires sustained attention over a period of time. Once set, it’s there for easy retrieval (that means no more “bad habit”).

This process doesn’t have to be hard – it just has to be done consistently. As I say, “baby steps, just baby steps”.

Well, that’s exactly why I created the Club Monthly. (I need those reminders too! 🙂

The Club Monthly includes:

  • Each month you’ll receive at least one Mp3 audio download of my insights, encouragement, exercises and demos.
  • Useful tips on how to apply what you learned in the BCP in real life and bonus videos on powering down easily.
  • The opportunity to have your personal questions answered by me and other members.
  • The chance to add your own voice to a community of folks just like you who are dedicated to using brain-wise tactics to improve their lives.


  • Bonus: Therapy Sound Bites Podcast Series: seeing therapy from a brain-wise perspective.
  • Bonus video: Bender Back Rub (using touch to help regulate your partner’s nervous system).
  • And much more…

I created the Club Monthly for folks like you because I know how hard it is to keep motivated when we want to make changes in our lives. The Club Monthly helps through inspiring podcasts of success stories, motivational  tips, demos and replies to member questions.

You can think of the Club Monthly as a post-grad program, leading to an “M.A.” degree (i.e. “Master of Activation”).

But seriously, this isn’t a dry, academic, lecture style course because SRT tools are all about having the right experience.

Here’s how it works

Each and every month I record and send you a podcast via email (i.e. an mp3 audio recording) that’s chock full of encouragement and insights. You can download directly from your email or go directly to the BCP site to access highlights, comments and other tips.

And The Club Monthly comes with its own Dashboard!




Information in the Club is continually updated in your very own personalized Dashboard. You never have to worry about missing content in an email.

Each month new tools are added to your Emotional Toolkit. That way, you can grab the right tool when you need it most.

What could be more valuable to your progress than detailed responses to questions posted by other BCP members? Well, it would be the chance to have your personal questions answered.

The Club Monthly is the easiest way to consolidate your hard-won achievements, to learn directly from me and other members, and to keep growing forward.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see what the BCP is all about, consider what continued support will do for helping you to achieve the goals you want.

Cancel anytime – there’s no monthly obligation.**

I want it to work for you.


I hope you’re join me in the Club Monthly. I want you to get the most from your practice and live the life you meant to have. Just click below and get the support you need to keep moving forward.

Okay, click below and join me in the Club Monthly!


**You will have the Club Monthly up until the time you cancel. Once you cancel your membership, the Club Dashboard is no longer available. However, don’t forget – you’ll still have all the podcasts that you’ve downloaded 🙂

***Once you’re a BCP Member (ie. you’ve purchased one or more products) all other products are offered at the Member’s discount…with some pretty serious savings 🙂

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