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Conquer Transference in 90 Days: Your Personalized Coaching Journey

Transference feelings towards one's therapist often manifest as an intensely strong, sometimes overwhelming attachment. It’s not uncommon to become entirely absorbed with each nuanced interaction as your therapy progresses.

Resolving your transference offers a sense of freedom and well-being unlike anything you may have experienced before. It’s not just about freeing yourself from an obsessed preoccupation with your therapist; it’s about gaining a growing confidence in living life fully as an empowered adult.

Take this step to move beyond your transference with a formula based on neuroscience that minimizes pain and has been time-tested for results. Experience a transformation that leads to lasting change and a healthier, more balanced you.

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being the vision

Coaching for Emotional Fitness

Ultimately, whether you're stepping into a new leadership role, launching a new project or going it on your own, it's what's inside that keeps moving you forward.

Easily and permanently transform your angst-ridden, distractible, and over-reactive brain into an optimized, productive and worry-free brain in just 15 minutes a day.


Three main benefits

1. Understand the roots of your transference

To an untrained observer, each instance of transference might seem to have the same roots. However, if it were that simple, the helping profession would have resolved these issues long ago. Transference is layered and complex. 

Unless you understand the core issues driving your transference, your efforts to heal will be hit-or-miss.

In the Transference Intensive, you'll learn to observe the "ticker tape" of your unconscious as it manifests in your vulnerable moments. You'll then discover how to create personalized experiences that your brain can learn from, paving the way for genuine healing.

2. Tools and techniques

The right tools are essential for managing the strong emotions that surface as you work through transference. You will also need specific techniques to help you move through your transference to completion. 

In this intensive, you'll be equipped with both.

3. Confidence and clarity

Understanding your transference is only part of the journey. With the right guidance, you can move through your transference and feel a profound sense of resolution. This newfound confidence will empower you to live your life as a whole, integrated individual.

What's involved in coaching to resolve a transference?

Your transference is serving a purpose. My job is to help you uncover that purpose (for each layer that emerges).

Coaching to resolve transference focuses on Two Main Goals:

  • Resetting the Nervous System for Emotional Balance
    Develop a high tolerance for being able to move through your emotions all the while maintaining your ability to think clearly and speak your concerns. (This is essential if you're to uncover the root cause of any transference trigger.)
  • Neutralizing transference triggers: 
    Identify and address the root causes of your transference triggers, leading to a sense of completion and control.

What's NOT  involved?

Coaching is not therapy. However, don't be surprised if you get therapy results - results that transform how you feel about yourself.

  • No unnecessary dredging up of the past 
    We'll focus on the past only when it serves a concrete goal.
  • No over-empathizing
    I'll support you through your journey without fostering dependency.
  • No endless talking trying to change your mindset
    Instead of just reframing your thoughts, I'll help you create transformative experiences for your brain. 


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How does this approach differ from traditional therapy?

Traditional therapy often progresses at a pace set by the client, which can lead to slow and gradual changes.

In contrast, my approach assumes you are willing and ready to do what it takes to resolve your transference swiftly and effectively.  

While you will learn by actively working through your emotional triggers with my guidance and techniques, we will also take time to step back and discuss what happened. This way, you'll be able to understand the process and apply the same strategies on your own.

This dual focus ensures that you not only experience breakthroughs but also acquire the tools and knowledge to sustain your progress independently.

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What type of commitment does the Intensive require?

The Intensive requires a 90-day commitment with regular, immersive sessions. 

You'll need to dedicate time and effort both during and between our sessions to practice the techniques and reflect on your experiences.

Additionally, you'll complete online work through my platform, which includes descriptions of tools, an online workbook for your goals and insights, and several courses outlining our session model.

Reinforcing the skills you learn via this platform will help you progress faster. The platform also features an app-like tool that directs you to specific techniques when you're in a negative state, providing support exactly when you need it.

People carrying a giant jigsaw piece, representing coaching on transference that is, it is a puzzle

How will I learn to apply the techniques?

During our sessions, we will work together on real-time emotional triggers, and I will guide you through specific strategies to address them.

Afterward, we will step back to analyze and understand the process, ensuring you can apply these techniques independently in the future.

Additionally, you will be tested and challenged with tasks inside the online platform to solidify your knowledge and skills.

These tasks are designed to reinforce what you've learned and help you apply the techniques in various situations. By engaging with these challenges, you’ll gain confidence and mastery over the methods, ensuring lasting progress and self-sufficiency.

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Can you describe how we'll work together.

We will work together through a structured yet flexible program tailored to your unique needs.

Our sessions will include both practical, hands-on work with your emotional triggers and reflective discussions to solidify your understanding and ability to apply the techniques on your own.

In addition to our sessions, I will be monitoring your progress on the online platform, providing suggestions and feedback on your usage and completions as appropriate. It’s like having me with you every step of the way. 

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Is this approach science-based?

The approach is grounded in neuroscience and well-documented principles of how the brain and nervous system function.

It also incorporates elements of somatic therapy and inner child work, methodologies known for their effectiveness in emotional healing. While not all aspects have been validated through clinical trials, the techniques are rooted in cutting-edge understanding and have been refined over three decades of working with hundreds of clients.

This method focuses on working efficiently from the inside out, leveraging insights from neuroscience and somatic practices to address deep emotional issues more effectively. My extensive experience ensures that you're receiving a robust and effective approach tailored to facilitate genuine, lasting change.

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What kind of results can I expect from this program?

By the end of the 90-day Intensive, you can expect to have a deep understanding of your transference patterns and the core issues driving them. 

You'll acquire practical tools and techniques to manage and resolve your transference effectively.

While complete resolution might take longer for some, you'll feel confident in your ability to continue the process independently.

Many clients report a significant reduction in their transference-related distress, an increased sense of empowerment, and greater overall emotional well-being.

Who's this for?

Several circumstances can accentuate the need to move through a transference. We'll work with them all whether you're currently with a therapist or not.


Your therapist referred you elsewhere or ended your sessions because transference wasn’t in their toolkit.

Emotionally Unavailable

Your therapist seems nice but is never really there emotionally when you need them.

Feeling Worse Off

Not only do you now have transference to deal with, but you also feel worse off than when you started therapy.

No Support

Your therapist offers no help, saying "the transference will pass in time"  yet years have gone by.

Never Resolved

You left therapy because the transference never ended yet it lives on in your mind strong as ever.

Your Therapist Doesn't Know

You’re experiencing transference, but you’re too scared to say anything to your therapist.

For the life you were meant to live.”

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Liberate your Strengths . . . 

Too often, people settle for only a portion of their potential. Ask yourself, when was the last time you engaged with life with the curiosity of a child?

The nervous system and brain evolved to change. Your capacity to take on greater challenges—without it feeling overwhelming—will help you achieve more than you can imagine today. I’ve helped many achieve just that. You can too.

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live life on your terms

My expertise in transference comes from the hundreds of clients who sought me out for consultations, many suffering through years-long transferences.

This extensive experience allowed me to develop a formula that works. Clients say they feel refreshed, more focused, productive, and attentive to their own wellbeing and sense of purpose. They're ready to step into a larger version of themselves and live in a way that aligns with their soul.

What Others Say


I’ve had 2 online sessions with you. It was soooo scary meeting/talking to you. Thank goodness my blood pressure wasn’t recorded.

”That being said, both times were really helpful. Especially the 2nd time when you stopped multiple times to explain what we just worked on. Reading is good but Doing was better.

Emma S.

/ Satisfied Client


"... I am feeling very good and have been for many weeks. I had a couple instances where my resolve was tested and I came through with flying colors.

I am able to see my previous therapist as only a therapist, not my mother. Seems simple as I type this but it certainly wasn’t simple the last 7 years!

Jessica K.


Success is an inner journey

Achieving success means understanding and overcoming your inner obstacles. Resolving transference can unblock your therapy and personal growth.

My approach builds your emotional resilience and focuses on healing deeply rooted issues with minimal pain. This process involves a targeted system to address each transference trigger effectively, leading to sustained peace of mind and a more vibrant, engaged self.

dr lacombe doing a selfie and trying her darndest to show her emotional fitness
Dr. Susan LaCombe

It's normal to feel that transformation is out of reach when you've tried so many things before. However, I believe resolving your transference doesn't have to be the long, drawn-out affair it's often made out to be.

I can't promise that it will always be easy, but if you commit to the work as I lay it out, I'll be there with you every step of the way. I'll do my utmost to make this a success for you.

 Feel free to book a time with me. I'd love to tell you more.

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