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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us.

Protection of privacy is important for many reasons, but even more so for a web site that facilitates and supports personal disclosure. Put bluntly, how can we earn your trust and build credibility if we don't scrupulously protect your personal information? So…

Your Guarantee of Spam-Free Privacy

We will never rent, sell or share your email address or any personal information to third parties (even though that would make paying the bills for this site a lot easier!).

Nor will we send you emails that you haven't asked for. Admittedly, we put off some people with our attitude, but we're not interested in making anyone upset just for the heck of it!

Nor will we send you emails that you haven't asked for. Admittedly, we put off some people with our attitude, but we're not interested in making anyone upset just for the heck of it!

In the web site business this is known as "permission" and it reflects the foundation of our relationship with every user: R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

"Your friend's Email"

Whenever you forward an article or ezine to a friend, they're covered by our Guaranteed Spam-Free Policy as well. We use their email address only in order to send the message you requested. They'll never hear from us again (although that could be their loss), unless they're very clever and sign up for our services!

We also realize that some individuals will abuse our service by forwarding an article from a myShrink site just to offend the recipient. To anyone receiving unwanted material from myShrink we apologize unreservedly.

"Hasta la vista, baby!"

We hate email newsletters and web sites that make it difficult to unsubscribe (e.g. like having to login again).

At myShrink we've made it easy. Say "Hasta la vista" - just click the 'Unsubscribe' link that's at the bottom of every email. You'll be taken to a page where you can unsubscribe to any or all of myShrink's emails, eCourses, forums, memberships, questions asked. 

Click here to learn more about our policy regarding our free offerings and what free means.

Get me rewrite!

You can even become a non-person, KGB-style, by requesting a complete information erasure (although we will miss you). Just select 'Unsubscribe to Main Database' when you click into 'Unsubscribe'.

Caveat user.

Although we make reasonable security arrangements to protect your personal information, it sometimes feels like we're all living in the Matrix. So please keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information online (example - in the Counseling Psych Cafe, even when the board is password protected), your information can be seen and used by people who may not care about things like 'permission'.

There goes the neighborhood

Although we intend to associate only with people who share our concerns with protecting your privacy, we cannot be responsible for the content or privacy practices of other web sites linked with us. But we do hope that you had a nice visit!

Your Data is Safe With Us

myShrink maintains a strict security system to keep your personal information safe from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, or disposal, and when it's no longer needed we take as much care to destroy your personal information as we do in protecting it.

You gotta ask about cookies!

you must ask about cookies on a website - tongue in cheek man eating a cookie with a guilty look on his face

A cookie is a small data file sent to your browser and stored on your computer - it does not come with chocolate chips or ice cream. They vanish when you shut down your browser - unlike real cookies that go right to your butt!

We use them to track what you have been looking at so that we can show you new material when you return. We also use them to let others know other members of a forum (which you are a member of) when you were last present, so it's easier to tell who's up to date in a group conversation.

myShrink also uses third party advertisers such as Google Ads. Google had a few things to say that they wanted to pass along in case you were interested in their ads:

  • Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on myShrink.
  • Google uses DART cookies to enables it to serve ads to you based on your visit to myShrink and other sites on the Internet.
  • You may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Website Traffic

We do a lot of research into how our site gets used so we're always collecting technical information such as where visitors came from or what kind of browser they're using. Such information may be compiled and shared in an anonymous, aggregate format, with advertisers or other third parties. 

Although we track and aggregate visitor activity into our analysis of general traffic flow (e.g. how traffic differs within conferences) we collect nothing about your particular usage patterns - no one will be able to identify you or contact you.

In other words, just because we know a visitor is on myShrink, we do not know her name, email address, address, or telephone number unless (of course, she's shared this with us previously).

myShrink Forums

Although all members of the Counseling Psych Cafe (our bulletin board or forum platform) are expected to observe the Member Agreement, we cannot control what others may say. Nor can we vouch for anyone's integrity.

But we realize that you're all big persons now, and trust that whatever you choose to generally disclose in the forum, or to an individual member, can be read by everyone else in that discussion. Just make it a rule to use your good judgment regarding anything you post on the site.

Complaints Department.

If you ever have cause to question or complain about the service here, please contact our Privacy Officer at: 4167 Packalen Blvd, Garden Bay, BC. V0N 1S1.

If your complaint is justified we will take the necessary steps to resolve it, otherwise we will provide you with the contact information for the Federal or relevant provincial Privacy Commissioner.

Stay tuned!

Self-improvement is a big deal with us, so if we have a brain flash on how to make this site more secure for your viewing pleasure we'll let you know and change this privacy statement accordingly.

Dr. Susan LaCombe

UPDATED February 23, 2024

Can We Talk?

Have a question, an idea or just like to share your comments? Send your response to me, Dr. LaCombe, at

4167 Packalen Blvd, Garden Bay, BC. V0N 1S1.

For any technical problems (such as setting up myShrink as your home age, joining the Psych Cafe, or in submitting comments), send an email to

Terms of Service

These terms and conditions are important, but we've tried to make reading them as painless as possible. It isn’t easy (you know what lawyers are like!). So read this carefully and completely before browsing these web pages or participating in any of the forums or bulletin boards. Note that if you browse or otherwise use this site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service, and also the terms of the Privacy Statement. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you may not access or use this site.

myShrink Definition, Intent & Content

Depending on the context, "myShrink" is deemed to refer to and include each and every website owned, published and maintained by Dr. Susan LaCombe (through "S.K. LaCombe Consulting Inc"), including but not limited to:;

All sites are provided solely for the personal education, edification, information and entertainment of members and the general public - (referred to collectively as "users"). See Disclaimers below for details.

We provide general mental health information, bulletin boards, surveys, post-a-comments, quizzes, a virtual refuge and activation ratings for your entertainment and education. There is no set publishing schedule. New stuff is posted whenever we get around to it.

No Professional Advice

myShrink does not offer online psychotherapy or psychological services. This site is dedicated to educating people about neuroscience, personal development, the power of psychotherapy and self-help. It is not intended as a substitute for face-to-face professional psychological advice or therapy. See "Disclaimers" below for details.

Nothing to Laugh At, Eh

We recognizes that everyone’s sense of humour is different. Please understand that the publisher of this site thinks that everything here is funny…or at least we thought it was funny when we posted it. We reserve the right to change our minds!

Disclaimer of warranties & liability

myShrink is provided on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, express or implied. Neither S.K. LaCombe Consulting Inc. nor its employees, affiliates, information providers or content partners shall be liable for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or other defects in the information contained in the site, and there are no warranties as to the results obtained from the use of the information.

It is your obligation to evaluate the information and results from tools we provide, ideally in conjunction with your mental health professional.

If you are a mental health professional you must exercise your professional judgment in evaluating any information contained herein, especially before undertaking any treatment based upon it.

This disclaimer of liability applies to any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, computer virus, line failure, theft or unauthorized access to or alteration of the site, whether for breach of contract, negligence, or tort.

Obligation of users to check credentials.

The term "mental health professional" includes psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, nurse practitioners and social workers, but is not limited to these professions. Dr. LaCombe does not endorse any mental health professional listed on the site and will not be liable for damages to any user as a result of using the services of any such mental health professional.

Use site information at your own risk.

We make reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and quality of information posted on the site, including random monitoring of bulletin boards and forums and screening articles, but do not take responsibility for or guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any such information or process disclosed, nor for errors and omissions.

We do not necessarily endorse, oppose or edit any opinions or recommendations posted by any professional contributors or members. we will use reasonable efforts to remove content that is unlawful, hurtful or inconsistent with these Terms of Service.

We are not responsible for information posted by users nor responsible for any damages resulting from your use of any information on the site. Users agree that if they rely on such information they do so solely at their own risk. While we are picky about the organizations we link to, we assume no responsibility for any web sites that are linked to our site, or that you visit following a link from our site.

Third Party Advertising

myShrink is partially funded by revenue generated from the strategic placement of ads on the site. This relationship with outside commercial interests in no way compromises our editorial integrity and independence.

Even in the event that myShrink acquires one or more sponsors, the principles of editorial integrity and independence will be maintained.

We also try to ensure that editorial content is always clearly distinguished from commercial messages. For example, we require clear identification of the authorship and credentials of all third party content accessible on the site, whether directly or through links.

We are committed to providing the visitor with relevant and compelling content. For this reason, we make every attempt to ensure that the ads you see are relevant to the topics contained in the pages on which they appear. We encourage visitors to bring to our attention any advertising they believe is inappropriate to the spirit of the site.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have no control over what ads appear (e.g. under the Google AdSense program) but let us know of your concerns and we'll do what we can! Please note that in this regard it is myShrink's policy never to accept advertising from pharmaceutical companies, and we will do our best to screen them out of any program such as Adsense. (See Disclaimers section for more information.)

Finally, although we hope you consider giving some of our advertisers a try, we cannot guarantee that your experience will be exactly as advertised! Click safely!

Affiliate Connection Disclosure

From time to time I may be compensated in some way, shape or form for recommending products or services endorsed on myShrink. In particular, I've been partnered with PrestoExperts for several years and receive compensation from them should you choose to engage a therapist through myShrink.

Please note that the only offers I endorse are products that I LIKE by people I TRUST, and that PrestoExperts is the only source of online counselors that I know, trust and recommend. Please understand that I realize there are other websites that offer online counseling. I'm unfamiliar with them which is why I cannot recommend them.

The presence or lack of financial compensation in no way affects any recommendation made on myShrink.

Copyright restrictions.

You may download material from the site to a personal or handheld computer, and even print a reasonable number of copies for yourself, your family, or friends.

However, you may not distribute, modify, re-post or use any such downloads for your own web site or for public or commercial purposes without the express written permission of myShrink.

All site contents, including their selection, coordination, arrangement and enhancement, are subject to Canadian and international law regarding copyright and trademark protection and may not be used except as provided by these Terms of Service.

In particular, Susan LaCombe, through S.K. LaCombe Consulting Inc., claims Canadian and international copyright protection (whether registered or unregistered) for:

S.K. LaCombe Consulting Inc. also claims Canadian and international trademark protection (whether registered or unregistered) for:

  • the name "myShrink" (note includes all myShrink sites:,,
  • the name "DeCoding the Brain Program" and all its derivatives (eg. Therapy Bootcamp - Freedom After Trauma)
  • for the name "Fast Track Formula for Finding a SuperShrink".
  • The 12-Second Chill
  • Therapy Bootcamp
  • The ReCharge Reset

S.K. LaCombe Consulting Inc. owns the names used for all products and services. All trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed on myShrink sites are protected by Canadian trademark law. You may make non-commercial use of our trademarks by linking to us or discussing and sharing our content with others, provided you make it clear that S.K. LaCombe Consulting Inc. is the owner of the trademark.

How to Quote myShrink

When citing documents from this site, please consider using this format derived from the APA 5th Edition Publication Manual. Replace appropriate author’s name and title from the article chosen.


LaCombe, S. K. [enter date of article, i.e. year, month]. How to Choose a Therapist. Retrieved from [enter date retrieved] web site:

Guidelines for Use of myShrink Logos

For the purposes of the following, myShrink. Fast Track Formula for Finding a SuperShrink, Therapy Bootcamp and Brain Coaching Program are collectively known as the "myShrink Brand Features".

We spent many hours coming up with names and logos for our content and so we're very particular about the way they're used and presented. If you wish to use any of our Brand Features you must obtain explicit written permission in advance. These Brand Features can only be used pursuant to these Guidelines and for the specific purposes for which we have given permission.

Things you cannot do:

  • Remove, distort or alter any element of a myShrink Brand Feature.
  • Display myShrink Brand Features in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation with or sponsorship or endorsement by myShrink, unless of course you have arranged this with us.
  • Display a myShrink Brand Feature on a web site that contains or displays adult content, promotes gambling, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol or otherwise violates applicable law.
  • Display a myShrink Brand Feature in a way that is in our sole opinion misleading, defamatory, copyright infringing, libellous, personally disparaging, obscene or otherwise objectionable to
  • Display a myShrink Brand Feature on a site that violates any law or regulation.

No copyright in postings.

All communications and materials transmitted or posted to the site, including any data, questions, comments, or suggestions, are treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary information.

We may use such communications or materials for any purpose, including reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcast and further posting. However we will not use such communications or materials without first obtaining the consent of the user.

Users permit any other user to access, view, store or reproduce for personal use any material uploaded or posted to the site, and agree that myShrink has the right to edit, copy, publish and distribute any material made available by the users.

Editorial Policy

It is our opinion that the counseling profession is in the midst of a paradigm shift based on the results of thousands of neuroscience experiments using new technologies. Although facts about the brain and how it works are getting clearer, the interpretations and implications of those facts (i.e. the theory) have not been definitively verified.

Therefore, please note that many ideas and suggestions on this site are derivations, interpolations or conjectures based on recent the best research we could find on child development and neuroscience, and have not necessarily been clinically tested. They are a best-guess hypothesis based on what researchers have discovered to date. In other words, not all content on the site has been researched or evidenced to the same degree. However, references to research studies will be cited where advisable.

There are two ways that I distinguish content that is more speculative, the New Way of Looking at and My Personal Musings.

Links to other web sites

We have not reviewed sites that this site may link to, and are not responsible for the contents of these sites. Although we make every effort to include only those sites that reflect the same vision and/or spirit of myShrink, you visit them at your own risk.

Linking to Us

We always welcome a link from your web site to ours. However if you intend to frame our site or incorporate pieces of it into a different site or product in a way that is not clear to our users, you must first have our written permission. Links that in any way have a negative impact on our reputation are not acceptable. This means you cannot link to us if your site is engaged in unlawful, obscene or offensive activities.

No liability for postings.

We have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor and review the discussions, postings, transmissions on all bulletin boards and forums. We are not responsible or liable for any error, defamation, libel, slander, omission, falsehood, obscenity, profanity or inaccuracy contained in any post to the site. We have the right in our sole discretion to edit, remove or refuse any material submitted to or posted on the site.

Prohibited postings.

Users may not post or transmit any material which violates or compromises the rights of others, which is unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, obscene, profane or otherwise objectionable, which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability, or which, without express prior approval, contains advertising or any solicitation with respect to products or services.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to refuse service or terminate site access to any user whose conduct restricts, prohibits or inhibits another user from using or enjoying the site or is harmful to the interests of myShrink, its users, members, affiliates or suppliers.


Users having any concern or complaint regarding any content or postings on this site are encouraged to contact Dr. LaCombe or my techie, Mr. Terry McGraw by email at Please report any violations of the Terms of Service that you may encounter.

If a complaint cannot be resolved in this manner, users agree that any claim, dispute or controversy arising from or relating to these Terms of Service shall be resolved through binding arbitration in Vancouver, Canada. All issues shall be interpreted according to the laws of British Columbia and any applicable federal laws of Canada..

Guaranteed Satisfaction Refund Policy

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

It's important to me that you feel your purchase is worthwhile and that you're completely satisfied. I stand behind all of my products. If you would like a refund for 100% of your payment, I can process it within a day or so. Just notify me via email at

If you have a question regarding any of my product, please feel free to email - your question is important to me. Send you support questions to and I, or my support person, will be pleased to assist you. 

Please note that not all products have the same length of guarantee.

How to place an order

To place an order I offer two options:

  • Online credit card payment.
  • Online via Paypal

Online credit card payments.

Visa, Mastercard and Paypal are my current credit card payment options. All credit card payments are in U.S. funds. On your monthly statement the purchase will be shown as S.K. LaCombe Consulting Inc. This is my corporate company that owns myShrink. Look for S.K. LaCombe Consulting Inc. on your credit card statement.

Squeeze balls have a shipping fee. You'll find the shipping cost inside the Cart - once you've submitted your address - so you will know even before check-out.

Canadian residents only:

Because we are a Canadian company you will be automatically billed appropriate taxes based on your Canadian residency. Taxes are automatically added to your shopping cart total. The 5% GST will be added to all those living in Canada. An additional 7% provincial sales tax will be added to residents of B.C. There are also some provinces that include the GST in the provincial sales tax - known as the HST.

American visitors: yup, no tax.

Other beautiful countries: EU countries will be taxed for the VAT.

FAQ's for Online Orders

All online orders can be placed through this website. When you've found what you want, you can begin the checkout process by clicking the buy button. That will take you through to my shopping cart.

By the way, our online shopping Cart uses industry-standard SSL - encryption. That means your credit card information is encrypted when it goes over the air ways.

What address should I enter in the billing information screen?

For credit card verification, you must enter the address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. You do not need to enter a middle name or initial.

Should I put spaces or dashes in the Credit Card?

No. Your card number should be entered in as a continuous string of numbers.

Why is the system not accepting my credit card?

There are many reasons for a failed credit card transaction. Often, it's because there's been a communication error between our shopping cart company and your credit card company. This is nothing at your end that you've done wrong. Email me to see if I can help.

Another common reason - which happened to me recently - is if you change your address and now it no longer matches the one on your card! Or, your card may have expired (2nd most common reason) or you may have reached your limit. In this latter case, decide if you wish to increase your limit - this requires a call to your bank or credit card company.


Most of my products are digital in which case, nothing is mailed to you 🙂

Orders that are physical (like my squeeze balls) are processed & shipped within 4 working days of receipt. All orders are shipped using the Canadian Postal System. They are shipped from within Canada.

Crossing Country Borders

Most countries will collect a customs clearance and delivery fee in addition to duties and taxes. This fee is authorized by international postal agreements to reimburse the delivery service. These duties, taxes, and fees, if applicable, are not included in the shopping cart total.

Back Orders

If there is a delay in filling your order you will be notified by mail. Upon notification, you can choose to receive a refund or wait for your order to be the way, we have always been able to fulfill orders on time. As soon as we are notified that orders are not immediately available we post this information on the site. Back orders will be held for 60 days. All back orders will be shipped within 60 days or cancelled.

DATED February 23, 2024.


This website is intended to offer general information only, so please realize that your individual issues may not necessarily be addressed. Personal issues should be dealt with in a therapeutic context with a mental health professional familiar with your personal circumstances.



myShrink does not provide online counseling

This site provides general information only. Information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. In other words, the information is not a substitute for the knowledge, expertise, skill and judgment of psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, naturopaths or other healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, information presented is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment. If you feel that you may need medical advice, please consult a qualified health care professional.

Editorial Content

myShrink makes every reasonable effort to ensure that all posted information is accurate at the time of posting, but we do not guarantee its reliability or accuracy. Many of the articles on the site have been reviewed by other health care professionals. Some of these folks are on our Advisory Board.

Therefore, please note that many ideas and suggestions on this site are derivations, interpretations or conjecture based on recent and the best I could find child development and neuroscience research. They have not necessarily been rigorously tested. They are a best-guess hypothesis based on what researchers have discovered to date. In other words, not all content on the site has been researched or evidenced to the same degree. However, references to research studies will be cited where advisable.

Humour is Job Two!

We take humour seriously.

We believe that a sense of humour is not only a sign of mental health, but also a significant resource for personal change.

Not everyone has the same sense of humour so you may find our approach confusing and maybe even challenging. Nonetheless, we admit our fallibility--we might overshoot the mark sometimes, but it is not our intent to be demeaning.

That being said, we urge you to reflect on what your reaction might tell you about yourself. If anything confuses or offends you, we invite you to post your comments and concerns on the community forums or in our guestbook.

Please don't mistake our intent. We're not advocating the use of humour to shield ourselves from (yikes!) uncomfortable feelings. Humour is a powerful way of validating our common humanity, but it's wasted when used merely as a diversion from looking at ourselves clearly and honestly.

In fact, I believe humour is one of the fastest ways to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves if we so choose to look.

So what's Job One?

At myShrink our primary goal is to provide our readers with relevant, quality information and content that is grounded in science, well referenced, and reviewed by knowledgeable professionals.

We respect the intelligence of our readers and believe that with the appropriate tools and resources, perhaps with the assistance of a health care professional, they can make informed decisions in their best interests.

Our Policy on Pharmaceutical Company Advertising

myShrink takes the position that drugs (e.g. anti-depressants, anxiolytics) are prescribed far too often in cases where psychotherapy or other non-drug approaches would be more effective and long-lasting. In particular, myShrink is dedicated to educating the public and mental health professionals regarding the natural healing powers of the body, and advocating the use of holistic, body-based approaches whenever possible in lieu of pharmaceuticals.

Consequently, myShrink will never accept advertising or any form of sponsorship from any company that manufactures or promotes the use of these products for the treatment of mental health concerns. We hope that this measure will offset the overwhelming presence of pharmaceutical ads on other counseling websites.

Unfortunately, owing the the limitations of the Adsense program (from Google) we cannot always be assured that our policy is followed. (For more information see : Questioning Medications)


We strongly advise that anyone wishing to go off their medication do so ONLY after a thorough consultation with your physician or health care professional.

Please note that withdrawal from many psychiatric drugs can cause serious and even life-threatening emotional and physical reactions. In short, it may pose problems not only to start taking psychiatric drugs (i.e. side effects) but it can also be hazardous to stop taking them.

From the BBC here's a transcript from a show on the potential withdrawal effects of Paxil: The secrets of seroxat (the name of paxil in Britain).

Therefore, withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done under clinical supervision.


Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome by Donald S. Robinson, MD


Dr. Susan LaCombe and the myShrink Crew

Last Updated: February 23, 2024.

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