. . . free yourself from triggers related to authority

bringing a vision to life 

being the vision

Coaching to Eliminate Triggers

Ultimately, whether you're only triggered occasionally or it's your reality all day long, you'll benefit from knowing exactly how to get rid of triggers. Especially if it means your job!

Easily and permanently transform your angst-ridden, distractible, and over-reactive brain into an optimized, productive and worry-free brain in just 15 minutes a day.

bringing a vision to life 

being the vision

Coaching for Emotional Fitness

Ultimately, whether you're stepping into a new leadership role, launching a new project or going it on your own, it's what's inside that keeps moving you forward.

Easily and permanently transform your angst-ridden, distractible, and over-reactive brain into an optimized, productive and worry-free brain in just 15 minutes a day.


Coaching to eliminate triggers
related to authority is a bottom up approach

Everyone—and I mean EVERYONE—encounters times when they can't control their emotional reactivity and focus the mind.

Perhaps you've noticed these "times" are happening too often.

In the past, you probably found that a little extra effort produced the exact results you were aiming for. Alas, that strategy is no longer working. No matter how much you force your mind to work—it's just not rising to the occasion.

Despite that you're the most motivated person you know and despite that you're on a mission you know is going to make a difference, you can't seem to pull yourself together. You react when you know you shouldn't. Whether it's your boss or your subordinates, you feel compelled to a certain behavior and ways of thinking.

You've already tried "thinking" differently. May I suggest, it's time to try "being" different. 

There's no Owner's Manual for being the best version of yourself, free from nagging pressures and living a life with purpose.

What I offer is a system that dissolves triggers from root up. Handily, the way I work also helps to "resets" your brain for optimal performance. Not only will this process give you the capacity for ninja-like focus including greater awareness about your inner workings—which is a comfort in itself—it's very likely to deliver the more important, peace of mind.

I invite you to book a time with me. Together let's discover the specific steps you can take to get back to that energized and passionate self—one that can sustain long periods without triggers interfering with your life. Then watch as you become the vision of who you know yourself to be.

Bring your curiosity.

What's involved in coaching to eliminate triggers?


  • Reset the nervous system for greater emotional capacity
    Developing a high tolerance for stress and anxiety, having clarity of thought and peace of mind.
  • Take the charge out of the most pressing triggers 
    Reduce your emotional reactivity by rooting out triggers at their source. Remain composed even when facing conflict and tricky situations.

What's NOT  involved?

Coaching to eliminate triggers is not therapy. However, don't be surprised if you get therapy results - results that transform how you feel about yourself.

Here's what's not involved:

  • No dredging up the past that serves no real purpose
    If the past does come up, we'll make sure that it serves a concrete goal.
  • No over-empathizing when you already know how to support yourself
    It's not unusual for emotions to surface however my role is to be with you on that journey. It's my nervous system helping to "contain" yours where the real "brain" learning takes place.
  • No endless talking trying to change your mindset
    You're smart. If you could have "thought through" the blocks you're facing you would. I'm going to teach you how to give your brain "experiences" it can learn, and transform from. That's a whole different kettle of fish from reframing how you look at something.

Being in integrity with yourself

No amount of persistence will solve a problem if your mind is betraying you with endless worry thoughts or self-sabotaging behaviours.

silhouette of male standing away from the viewer and looking into sunset with suitcase in hand on a journey towards greater emotional fitness

Coaching to eliminate triggers related to authority means staying on your path despite your fears

There's a lot of reasons NOT to move forward and your mind will find all of them

It's easy to become distracted by your fears ie. loss of status, loss of connection, loss of your job. Just know—whether you're aware if it or not—fear is another word for anxiety.

There may actually be a "physiological" reason why your mind keeps you in worry-mode.


. . . it means learning to ease into the curves

There's no way to predict the inevitable curve balls in the workplace. 

Your ability to adapt, to think on your feet and to respond with a clear head keeps you in the lead.

Nurturing this capacity isn't about pushing yourself beyond your limits.

It's about being different within your core.


 . . . it means having clarity of mind

Foggy-headed? Easily overwhelmed? It's time for a reset.

The ability to concentrate with focused attention is how the job gets done despite how many balls you're juggling. 

There may actually be a physiological reason why your mind can't focus—owing to an underfunctioning nervous system.

Luckily, your nervous system can "learn".


. . . it means freeing yourself from old triggered patterns

Working hard works . . . until it doesn't. Your mind and body is designed to react quickly in a crisis. However, when overused, the result is a lower tolerance for stress, a tense and exhausted body and lower functioning overall. 

Getting back to balance need not be about cutting back.

It's about working more efficiently from the inside out. (Yeah, kinda like working smarter not harder—with a twist.)

For the life you were meant to live.”

young white woman gingerly walking on a log in the middle of a forest showing that by eliminating your triggers through coaching can bring you a kind of freedomdom means challenging oneself

Liberate your Strengths . . . 

Too often people settle for only a portion of their potential. It doesn't help that mainstream medicine continues to preach that the nervous system you're born with doesn't change. NOT.

The nervous system and brain evolved to change. Your capacity to take on greater challenges—without it feeling like more—will help you achieve more than you can imagine today. I've helped many achieve just that. You can too.

white male sitting on the floor of an airport leaning against a window smiling and looking into his phone with his laptop on his knees

live life on your terms

Whether it's flexible working hours, a bigger paycheck than you ever imagined possible or working with like-minded people, the key to a satisfying work life is simply being comfortable in your own skin.

At the end of the day, it's you and your body that you inhabit day in and day out. Make that a priority and the clarity of mind and purpose will follow.

What Others Say


I hope you don’t mind me emailing you like this. I just wanted to say I purchased your course and it’s been extremely helpful. I’m up to the part about releasing anger and it’s something I’ve needed help with for a while.

Thank you for these amazing techniques and information, it has all been so helpful! 



Tina F. 

 / Happy Client


I’ve had 2 online sessions with you. It was soooo scary meeting/talking to you. Thank goodness my blood pressure wasn’t recorded.

”That being said, both times were really helpful. Especially the 2nd time when you stopped multiple times to explain what we just worked on. Reading is good but Doing was better.

Emma S.

/ Satisfied Client


"... Also just to let you know with practice so many things that you explained both in the BCP and teleseminar and now videos etc, are now really starting to help me enormously.

You truly can't begin to know how grateful I am to you. You really really can't! So... thank you."



Eliminating Triggers through coaching
 is an inner journey

Anyone who's achieved anything will tell you:
"The biggest thing holding you back, is you.”

With what we've witnessed technically in the past couple decades, you know change is inevitable. Keeping up with changing times, taking calculated risks, juggling a lot of balls at once—require internal resources that can tap you out. 

That's when you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders, that you're overreacting to everything coming at you and can't settle enough to focus—let alone prioritize key tasks. 

When you know how the brain is wired to change—especially when you have the right tools—you can get to that more productive, happier self that much faster.

dr lacombe doing a selfie and trying her darndest to show her emotional fitness
Dr. Susan LaCombe

It's normal to feel transformation is out of reach when you've tried so many things before. However, becoming the highest version of yourself need not be an uphill battle. 

I excel at optimizing the brain for peak performance. Clients say they feel refreshed, more focused, productive and indeed attentive to their own wellbeing and sense of purpose. They're ready to step into a larger version of themselves.

 Feel free to book a time with me. I'd love to tell you more.

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