How's Your
Emotional Fitness?

Find out with One to One Coaching

Hi there, feeling stressed and overwhelmed? 

Let's assess your emotional fitness and see if I can help

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I specialize in helping clients transition from overwhelming, high stress emotional states to their calm, stable center.

During the call, I'm going to introduce you to some simple techniques that you can easily learn and apply throughout your day. They're backed by my 25 years experience as a registered psychologist helping clients, so you'll learn practical skills for easily switching into clear-headed states.

I created this special package to see if I'm a good fit for your ongoing needs. Even if you decide you're not quite ready for ongoing coaching, you'll come away with a new vision of yourself.

There's no reason you can't reclaim that once productive and happier self.

I'd love to show you how! 

Dr. Susan LaCombe
aka Rebel Shrink

Here's What We'll Do On The Initial Call


1st Step: Assess Your Emotional Fitness

First Call.  This first call will include some questions however, we'll begin with teaching you a tool to assess your own physiological state. This is a tool you can use anytime you're struggling feel relaxed or having a hard time getting out of your head.

In the process we'll also review aspects of your life that are being impacted by 'less-than-optimal' emotional fitness. What shows up at work often bleeds into the social and homelife (and visa versa) so we may also touch on those areas as well.


2nd Step: Enroll in DeCoding the Brain

Enrollment is automatic in DeCoding. As soon as you sign up, you'll be invited to take a quick 5-minute tour to help orient you in the program. 

Normally by the time you have your first call, you've already been in the DeCoding Program for a few days. The Program if fairly intuitive to navigate however I can show you where certain aspects will best fit your needs and where I suggest your efforts should focus on.


3rd Step: 2nd Call. Your Blueprint for Emotional Fitness

Your Step-by-Step Blueprint. You'll leave the call with tangible steps you can take to set yourself on a path towards greater mind and emotion control including what to do to achieve a feeling of aliveness and curiosity for being in the world.

Best of all (given what most clients report) you'll leave feeling more hopeful about being able to move forward in your life.

what customers are saying


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"... The BCP [DeCoding the Brain] is making a big difference in my life. Of great importance to me is how it has made me aware of, and start to understand Activation.

Being aware of it. I know what to do and how to help myself, whether it be in Crisis or Freeze Modes."

Hannah Bennett

/ Founding Member


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I am so grateful for the BCP [DeCoding the Brain]. It has given me enormous insight about the origins of stress and how to manage it in everyday situations. I wish Dr. LaCombe could do a video every day! She is very soothing.
Thank you

Lee Anne C.

/ Member


blue profile head with wispy back of head

I just wanted to let you know how great I think the Self-Regulating Techniques are!

I blazed through all the content yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. I feel it has helped me immensely already!

Amanda A.

/ Member

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