In a hurry to make a difference but your mind not working like it used to?

Are you plagued by endless worries, poor concentration and negative self-talk that paralyzes your every move? 

What's the common factor?

Your nervous system. It's likely overburdened and underfunctioning.
artist rendition of male and female nervous system

The Nervous System is the kingpin of all body systems.

If you experience even two of the following items in any box, let me suggest a solution.
1. Less control over your thoughts?

  • harder to focus and tired of going in circles in your head
  • can't prioritize tasks and end up feeling overwhelmed
  • worry about things that later seem . . . not worth worrying about
  • decisions are no longer quick and easy; spend too much time on pros and cons 
  • can't shut your brain off even when it's time to rest or sleep
2. Anxiety is up?

  • anxiety is showing up in ways you hadn't expected
  • shallow breathing and can't even have a good yawn
  • anxious one day, going blank and down in the dumps the next
  • chest is heavy, throat is tight, shoulders are up to your ears
  • restless/fidgety off and on
  • sleep has become problematic when before it was so easy
  • you've become risk-averse where you weren't before 
3. Emotionally reactive?

  • moods are up and down
  • get easily triggered and then say things you don't mean
  • feel unsettled half the time - don't really relax anymore
  • don't even laugh at stuff you used to find funny . . . 
  • can't let go of past hurts and events

Looking for





illustration inside a brain to show presence - a necessary characteristic to rewiring the brain


Control Your Mind and Reduce Emotional Reactivity
Using the Latest in Neuroscience

an illustration of a guy putting up a header that reads Decoding the brain and it is intended to promote optimal brain performance

DeCoding the Brain

. . . a science-based solution for optimizing brain performance

Turned my life around

“I have a most wonderful life and I love it!” This is the shortest way of me expressing how timely, fitting, tailor made, completely appropriate and helpful your program was and is, and (I am sure of it) will be. It has helped me turn my life around, make lasting changes to the quality of my life, and you have most certainly kept your initial promise!"

Doris S. ... Member / Unsolicited feedback

Move from negative states of mind . . . 

. . . from foggy brain

. . . to clear-headed and focused . . . getting what you want to get done.

young man with head lying on laptop with illustrations above his head to show how optimizing brain performance prevents brain fog

graphic of a faced potato wearing underwear sitting in front of a tv with the remote in hand

. . . from a "I don't want to do anything" . . .

. . . into "I've got my mojo back!"

. . . from muddled-headed . . .

. . . to feeling sharp and on the ball.

worried black woman who can't focus her mind

Squeezed for time where everything feels urgent even when it's not?

. . . from feeling frantic and pressured

. . . to knowing exactly what's most important to prioritize.

. . . from zoning out to having the . . . concentration of a yoda.

Distraught and anxious male
middle aged white guy looking haggard in bed

. . . from restless waking in the night

. . . to sleeping soundly throughout.

DeCoding the Brain

. . . a revolutionary system for increasing your brain power

  • A password protected, Psychologist-designed program for improved focus and productivity. 
  • Online Program developed by Psychologist Dr. Susan LaCombe and fine-tuned by feedback from over 600 users since 2012.
  • Core ideas delivered over 4 months; 
  • Continuing content follows with access for as long as you're a member;
  • Dozens of actionable steps to fit individualized needs;
  • Many interactivity elements to enhance experiential learning;
  • Complete with learning objectives, fun quizzes and bonus courses (when tasks are completed);
  • Appeals to many learning styles; it's a comprehensive collection of videos, podcasts, articles, downloadable cheat sheets and even an online workbook.

Not only does this program offer the tools and strategies for shifting out of these states, (including user-friendly explanations from neuroscience of WHY you're dealing with these problems in the first place), it has several accountability tools to keep you on track. 


Being able to absorb what you're learning—especially in regards to applying that knowledge—is usually made much easier when you interact with the material. For this reason, your Program includes several ways to track your progress and keep you inspired. Aside from the quizzes, progress bars and interactive pages, these elements below were created to keep you on track.

1. The purpose of this program is for you feel better NOW. Deepening your understanding of why you're feeling better is secondary to that first purpose

So while there's plenty of material available to you, the focus is not in getting through it all. Sometimes you'll just jump inside to find the right exercise to deal with a negative or nasty state. After all, feeling much better—even if you don't know why—is the ultimate goal.

However, for those left-brainers out there 🙂 once you do complete the coursework for any given month, we wanted to reward you. And just to make it fun, each time you get to pick from among several topic-specific Bonus Courses.

2. Easy-to-do Challenge courses. The Challenges are friendly prompts to use your tools daily (and gain points for Bonuses). You'll find it handy to have all the exercises listed in one place as a reminder of what's available to you.

3. As well, you also have an Online Workbook to record your roadblocks, successes and to note the events that you find challenging. This feature comes in handy as it's not always easy to keep track of events that might be triggering. You can use your workbook as a starting place from which to unpack a trigger (ie. getting at the true source of the trigger and the ideal healing scenario that helps you move beyond it).

4. When you're trying to establish new habits, it's motivating to see how much you've changed from where you started from. The Tracker Tool is something you'll look forward to doing each week—and it only takes a minute of your time. This feature keeps a record each time you record your current physiological state. 

Even using The Tracker Tool the one time, is an eye-opener. You'll be amazed to learn how many so called "symptoms" are merely variations of ONE problem. (Yes, you don't have a gazillion issues to deal with—working on your nervous system solves many issues—even things you thought you had to deal with for the rest of your life. NOT.

5. Finally, every page offers a place to record notes - with the click of a button. Here you can record insights and questions about your growth in relation to the topic you're reading. Many members use this feature to copy verbatim relevant passages. (Your notes are listed on one page in your Workbook.)

6. NEW FEATURE. 1:1 Asynchronous CoachingSometimes, you have a burning question and can't wait to find the answer. That's when 1:1 coaching comes in handy. You can get your question answered personally. Receive a personalized video response from Dr. LaCombe to your video, audio or written question. You can continue to use this feature as long as you have sufficient bonus points. (Note that you have unlimited use of this feature if you are a coaching client of Dr. LaCombe's)

By the way, you can choose how much Dr. LaCombe will be involved in your journey. The technical platform is organized so Dr. LaCombe can visually see how you're doing. (This is particularly useful if you're a consulting client of Dr. LaCombe's)

The core of the content in DeCoding the Brain* is delivered sequentially over 4 months so you're never overwhelmed. With lots of tips and strategies for dealing with different types of mindsets, you'll always know exactly what tool to use to get you out of a negative state.
(Access and motivational information and inspirational case studies continues afterwards.)

[DeCoding the Brain was previously known as the BCP or the Brain Coaching Program]





How to be Clear-Headed & Anxiety-Free

Outcomes include:

  • Discover a new cutting-edge, science-based model for optimizing brain performance (that handily helps to reset your emotional well being).
  • Work somatically (ie. via the body) and discover how subtle shifts—from negative  into the positive—begins to de-clutter your mind. Then notice how prioritizing tasks becomes second nature.
  • Learn how to move out of feeling numb and/or blocked to feeling settled within yourself. Then watch as your concentration soars.
  • Avoid going "blank" in your mind by reducing muscular tension and creating a feeling of settledness that feels skin-deep.
  • Discover the #1 tool for reducing overwhelm and feeling muddled anytime of day.

What's DeCoding the Brain based on?

Based on on somatic psychology and of course, the latest insights from neuroscience. (See the thought field leaders and researchers mentioned below)

Controlling the mind the easier way...

What's the science behind DeCoding the Brain?

Repetitions . . . changing you from the inside out!

Feedback from other practitioners ...

Dr. Janice Stuart is a supportive voice of the BCP.

Shrinklady has done an amazing job translating neuroscience research and what we know about body-centered therapies into a one of a kind program for clients and therapists alike. She makes it easy to see how to put these insights and techniques into practice. Learning these skills can help clients make the best use of their therapy. I know of no other program like it.

Dr. Janice Stuart, Ph.D. Registered Psychologist

Dr. LaCombe has created an innovative and comprehensive program for remapping the brain and powering up treatment effectiveness. As a fellow brain-wise therapist, I can attest to the power of her insights and techniques for helping folks shift out of stuck and into flow - mind, body, and spirit!

Dr. Carole Gaato, Ph.D. Registered Psychologist

Dr. Gaato is a supportive voice of the BCP.
Erika Moore works holistically with the nervous system and is a supporter of the BCP.

Indeed, we are all hoping for healing relationships. The simplicity of the BCP [now called DeCoding the Brain] is deceiving, for it is very powerful. It convinced me that emotional repair and restoration is possible, even for someone with early abandonment issues.

I would recommend The Brain Coaching Program [DeCoding the Brain] absolutely for anyone wishing to escape unhelpful patterns of relating and gain mastery over old behaviours.

Thank you Shrinklady for spreading the message of hope!

Erika Moore, Registered Massage Therapist

My promise to you...


You have my 30-day Unconditional Guarantee of satisfaction. I’m confident that you’ll find DeCoding the Brain eye-opening, powerful and effective.

Personalized Service: to the degree it's possible in an online program, I want you to know you're not alone in this journey. I'll be there with you

You will have of course have the choice of how much you want me to be there. As a rule, I'll be tracking as you move through the Program. To some extent the system will automatically prompt you at certain junctures, however, I'll be notified on certain form submissions and/or if something is going amiss.

Please know, if you don’t feel like you’re getting the value you expected, or if you’re just not able to follow through on these science-based solutions no matter how hard you try, then just click the 'Cancel' button within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase (See below for more details).

an illustration of a guy putting up a header that reads Decoding the brain and it is intended to promote optimal brain performance

Continue for as long as you want; 
Cancel at any time or when you got what you came for




  • Continued access for as long as you are a paid monthly member
  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • No obligation to continue payments. Cancel anytime.

Gives me "brain space" to enjoy my life

"The BCP has pointed me in the right direction... These steps have freed up more time and also more "brain" space for me to enjoy my life NOW. Thank you for the BCP and for detailing the underlying mechanisms and processes in the body and brain!"

Noélie B. , Member / Unsolicited feedback

Used it for countless other situations

Roughly 2 years ago . . . I decided to do the Brain Coaching Program. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I do mean that. Apart from it being so interesting it proved so effective and helped me in many areas. The wonderful thing was I could apply techniques and strategies taught to countless situations in my life.

Now, having been away from the program for a while, I’ve decided to return and do a complete refresher course!

Thanks again.


Now I have tools to deal with my feelings

"The BCP is helping me understand my core self in a way never before explored and is giving me tools to move through feelings & experiences I have always thought were in control of me, triggering panic and fear that would last for days... brain based and scientific."

Gay. L. , Member

I know how to get out of crisis / freeze modes

"... The BCP is making a big difference in my life. Of great importance to me is how it has made me aware of, and start to understand Activation. Being aware of it. I know what to do and how to help myself, whether it be in Crisis or Freeze Modes."

Hannah Bennet , Charter Member

Frequently Asked Questions

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If this program doesn’t suit me can I ask for a refund?

I sometimes get worked up and anxious. Will these techniques help me to be calmer?

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