DeCoding the Brain

Invitation: solopreneurs, techies, freelancers.

Until a short while ago was this you...

There is something in every cell of your body that tells you, you have to be your own boss. You know that decision sets you apart and it comes with what others see as a certain amount risk. 

The risk to you though, is in NOT pursuing your dreams.

You absolutely need to be the driver of your own life.

(Not to mention, you also want to be the person to benefit from all your hard work.)

You made a decision to enter the Internet world - probably one of the toughest industries out there. You see the future.  

The Internet biz is filled with fast moving targets. You have to be able to adapt - you love that. You’re an implementer, an innovator. 

The Internet world is also a guaranteed never ending trial by ‘jumping into the deep end’

It’s constantly stretching the edges of your comfort zone. If you don’t keep up - you’ll soon find yourself slipping behind. You have to adapt. 

You love that stuff.

You love being driven to be the best version of yourself and having an impact . . .  in many cases, making a difference to others.

(That’s why I love working with Internet Entrepreneurs 🙂

Now, you’re needing an internal ‘course correction’.

Something is off kilter. Honestly? The truth of it, you’re not running on all cylinders.

It’s like your legs are heavier or something.

You're still as passionate and you know there's a fire within you, but you find it hard to hold onto.

Worse though, things that NEVER used to bother you, now absorb ALL your brain power:

  • can't focus your brain and your productivity is going down the toilet
  • anxious one day, down in the dumps the next
  • worry about things that later seem . . . well frankly "stupid"
  • avoid friends and family cause you never know when you'll be feeling "tapped out"
  • don't feel like doing anything anymore, even things you used to enjoy
  • can't shake the foggy brain and you're tired of going in circles in your head
  • used to feel better about yourself
  • always feeling unsettled inside
  • no longer laugh at stuff you used to find funny
  • feel tired yet can't even finish a good, long yawn

DeCoding the Brain

. . . a revolutionary science-based system for increasing your brain power

  • A password protected, Psychologist-designed program for improved focus and productivity. 
  • Online Program developed by Psychologist Dr. Susan LaCombe and fine-tuned by feedback from over 600 users since 2012.
  • Core ideas delivered over 4 months
    • continuing content and access for 9 months
  •  Dozens of actionable steps 
  • Complete with learning objectives and fun quizzes
  • Appeals to many learning styles, it's a comprehensive collection of videos, podcasts, cheat sheets and articles 

Turned my life around

Doris S. Member / Unsolicited feedback

“I have a most wonderful life and I love it!” This is the shortest way of me expressing how timely, fitting, tailor made, completely appropriate and helpful your program was and is, and (I am sure of it) will be. It has helped me turn my life around, make lasting changes to the quality of my life, and you have most certainly kept your initial promise!"

Among the many tools you'll learn how to:

graphic of a faced potato wearing underwear sitting in front of a tv with the remote in hand

Shift out of flat, "I don't want to do anything" type moods . . .

. . . into feeling alive yet settled inside
(in a true chilled out way).

Tame anxious and fidgety body states . . .

. . . so you feel calm enough to focus your mind.

worried black woman who can't focus her mind

Squeezed for time where everything feels urgent even when it's not?

Shift from feeling pressured and frantic when everything feels equally important . . .

. . . to being clear headed and moving forward.

Stop zoning out and staring off into space and . . . feeling more present to your life.

Distraught and anxious male

Not only does this program offer you tools and strategies for shifting out of these states, it explains the neuroscience of WHY you're dealing with these symptoms in the first place

Using research from the fields of evolutionary psychology, neurobiology and developmental psychology, you'll discover how these are survival strategies at one time served a viable purpose. That in itself, can take a load of your shoulders especially if you tend to be hard on yourself.

Now I have tools to deal with my feelings

Gay. L. Member

"The BCP is helping me understand my core self in a way never before explored and is giving me tools to move through feelings & experiences I have always thought were in control of me, triggering panic and fear that would last for days... brain based and scientific."

The core of the content in DeCoding the Brain* is delivered sequentially over 4 months so you're never overwhelmed. With lots of tips and strategies for dealing with different emotional states.
(Access and motivational information and inspirational case studies continues for 5 months afterwards.

Yes, 9 months to a new you 🙂

[DeCoding the Brain was previously known as the BCP or the Brain Coaching Program]

DeCoding the Brain: How to be Anxiety-Free

Outcomes include:

  • Discover a new cutting-edge model of emotional well being based on neuroscience and the autonomic nervous system (ANS).
  • Work somatically (ie. via the body) and shift out of negative states into the postive.
  • Readily identify the fight/flight/freeze response in your behaviour and emotions and adopt the skills to address whenever they pop up.
  • Create a sense of safety that feels skin-deep.
  • Reduce emotional overwhelm so you feel ready to take on the day.

What's DeCoding the Brain based on?

Based on on somatic psychology and of course, neuroscience specifically the field of affect self-regulation. (See thought field leaders and researchers mentioned below)

What's the science behind DeCoding the Brain?

Clinical inspirations from...

No more dealing with emotions the hard way...

Controlling emotions the easier way...

An even better reason to work somatically

Baby steps . . . changing you from the inside out!

Feedback from other practitioners ...

Dr. Janice Stuart is a supportive voice of the BCP.

Shrinklady has done an amazing job translating neuroscience research and what we know about body-centered therapies into a one of a kind program for clients and therapists alike. She makes it easy to see how to put these insights and techniques into practice. Learning these skills can help clients make the best use of their therapy. I know of no other program like it.

Dr. Janice Stuart, Ph.D. Registered Psychologist

Dr. LaCombe has created an innovative and comprehensive program for remapping the brain and powering up treatment effectiveness. As a fellow brain-wise therapist, I can attest to the power of her insights and techniques for helping folks shift out of stuck and into flow - mind, body, and spirit!

Dr. Carole Gaato, Ph.D. Registered Psychologist

Dr. Gaato is a supportive voice of the BCP.
Erika Moore works holistically with the nervous system and is a supporter of the BCP.

Indeed, we are all hoping for healing relationships. The simplicity of the BCP [now called DeCoding the Brain] is deceiving, for it is very powerful. It convinced me that emotional repair and restoration is possible, even for someone with early abandonment issues.

I would recommend The Brain Coaching Program [DeCoding the Brain] absolutely for anyone wishing to escape unhelpful patterns of relating and gain mastery over old behaviours.

Thank you Shrinklady for spreading the message of hope!

Erika Moore, Registered Massage Therapist

My promise to you...


You have my 30-day Unconditional Guarantee of satisfaction. I’m confident that you’ll find Therapy Bootcamp eye-opening, powerful and effective.

I’ve designed the program to ensure you get the most out of your therapy experience.

However, if you don’t feel like you’re getting the value you expected, or if you’re just not able to follow through on these brain-wise solutions no matter how hard you try, then just click the 'Cancel' button within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase completely.

Guaranteed Results? It's up to you.

PS. Considering the amount of time and energy you put into therapy (especially if you’re paying out of pocket) – you deserve to get the most out of your efforts.

You see, I want you to succeed. That's why I will be there with you on this journey*. I’ve put everything I’ve learned (as a therapist and as a client) into this program so you can focus on the areas that give you the best results  - and that make you feel better sooner.

And isn’t that the goal after all?

*Please note that my "presence" in the members area is in the many Q&A's and in the automatic emails you receive. I openly share my own personal journey in these communications. However, if you are looking for a specific reply for your question it's best to book time with me (for a fee). Please note that neither this platform nor my booking service is a substitute for emergency or crisis care. If you have a question on whether this program is a fit for you, please leave your inquiry here.

"DeCoding the Brain"
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Gives me "brain space" to enjoy my life

"The BCP has pointed me in the right direction... These steps have freed up more time and also more "brain" space for me to enjoy my life NOW. Thank you for the BCP and for detailing the underlying mechanisms and processes in the body and brain!"

Noélie B. , Member / Unsolicited feedback

I know how to get out of crisis / freeze modes

"... The BCP is making a big difference in my life. Of great importance to me is how it has made me aware of, and start to understand Activation. Being aware of it. I know what to do and how to help myself, whether it be in Crisis or Freeze Modes."

Hannah Bennet , Charter Member

Now I have tools to deal with my feelings

"The BCP is helping me understand my core self in a way never before explored and is giving me tools to move through feelings & experiences I have always thought were in control of me, triggering panic and fear that would last for days... brain based and scientific."

Gay. L. , Member

Gets me through the day

“… And I want you to know how much I am enjoying and learning from the Brain Coaching Program. Everyday I take time to watch or rewatch a video – and it helps me get thru my day. Your voice and face help me to remember the work I need to be doing daily. I am so thankful for you :)”

Jane S. , Charter Member / Unsolicited feedback

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