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A bottom-up vs top-down strategy to getting rid of anxiety

"Yes, it is possible to get rid of anxiety—even without medication—and feel more alive to boot using neuroscience and simple brain hacks to fine-tune your nervous system." Dr. Susan LaCombe

We normally think of the nervous system as a passive carrier of signals running between the brain and the body. But neuroscience reveals how profoundly our emotional lives are rooted within its cells.

You already know what happens when the nervous system is NOT working:

a female body showing an inside view of the nervous system and brain emphasizing the getting rid of anxiety is about changing the autonomic nervous system
  • it plunges your life into panic, fear and moody states
  • brings clear thinking to its knees with brain fog and thick headedness
  • it short circuits your interest in anything new - even the good stuff….
  • majorly blocks any attempt at personal change….
  • …the list goes on.

As you go about your day – both the excitement and stress you encounter trigger the cells in your body to release energy. If that energy remains bottled up, you’ll be hyper, checked out or less present.

A nervous system that’s high functioning on the other hand, can regulate more in a day without maxing you out. You’re clear headed and less reactive to the stress and emotional challenges you face.

  • Feel calmer, clear headed and more like yourself than ever before.
  • Shift out of painful emotional states with an elegance that's almost simple.
  • Use it before meditation and get under your thoughts in record time.
  • Learn to go "into" your body and shift easily into the present to experience the beauty and abundance that surrounds us.
  • Discover emotional balance, spontaneity and an easy openness to life.
Good news from the lab...

Psychologists used to believe that the nervous system was set in stone early on, and unchangeable. We now know we can change the basic functioning of the nervous system, and that you can get rid of anxiety without medications.*

The beauty of working with the brain organically - as we do with a mind body approach - is that the impact is felt across your total functioning . . . emotionally, mentally, physically, even spiritually.

You’re just better at being human all round!

That’s how it is when a little "12 second body practice" leads to a mindfulness mindset…nurture it, and it just keeps on getting better.

God Bless,

Dr. "Shrinklady" LaCombe

Ed.D. of Counseling Psychology

7 amazing long-term benefits of
a Mind Body Approach . . . .

a young Asian woman in a meditative pose and closed eyes showing that when you get rid anxiety you can more easily get under your thoughts while meditating

1. Deep, soulful relaxation.

You feel refreshed and open to the the world – no longer pulled into a crisis/freeze mode cycle – you’re in the flow.

2. The confidence to express yourself.

As fearfulness diminished, it’s easier to express yourself to friends, family and your partner (even your therapist). Why? Because now you manage your emotions – they no longer manage you.

two young women and a guy chatting to represent the idea that you will naturally experience better connections with others by getting rid of anxiety
a young woman lying comfortably in bed and looking over at you as if to share that when you get rid of anxiety and its related symptoms one benefit is a closer connection to yourself and your needs
3. Connected to your own needs and wants.

When you take time to be with your body you connect to that feeling of "me". And when you’re comfortable in your own skin – you’re at ease with your body.

4. Deeper connection with people in your life.

Relationships change when you are manifestly present. You come to realize that your attuned presence fosters an attitude of true empathy and compassion, and others can feel it.

Emotional well being represented in an older couple dancing and looking into each other's eyes. These are the benefits of a mind body, non-medication approach to getting rid of anxiety.
A fresh cut orange slice bouncing in water to illustrate how you can experience more respect for your body with a mind body approach without meds.
5. Attunement to your body’s needs.

As your physical self-awareness grows, you adopt healthy habits of diet, exercise and rest to nurture and sustain your body.

6. Empowered to break bad habits.

You experience a new freedom as bad habits gradually lessen their grip. Healthy sustaining habits are easily – and cheerfully – adopted in their place.

A symbolic earth representing that you can experience better health with a mind body approach to getting rid of anxiety without medications
a toddler playfully looking through her legs representing the benefits of a mind body approach to getting rid of anxiety without medication. Yup, have more fun with a healthy nervous system.
7. Peace of mind.

As the persistent mental chatter gradually fades away you can ground yourself in the stillness of the present moment. Indeed, you can finally and fully surrender to the experience of life, laughter and joy.

  • Dr. Susan LaCombe
  • DECODING THE BRAIN for anxiety and the blues

Dr. Susan LaCombe - psychologist and publisher of myShrink.com and creator of DeCoding the Brain - is a passionate advocate for addressing 'emotional ups and downs' using the latest from neuroscience and clinical practice.

At last count there’s over 300 mental health disorders. Dr. LaCombe maintains there is a simpler way through the non-pathologizing model of emotional regulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

The emotional regulation model is based on the fact that we’re all connected and we do so through our right brain. It’s this right brain to right brain dynamic that the nervous system largely develops.

She believes that if we harness our energies to using somatic approaches - not just in therapy - but in our lives - we’ll have far less issues with emotional dysregulation and with that, far lower rates of mental illness, anxiety, depression and related issues of abandonment, transference, authority issues and the like. She asks if we did that, could we change the trajectory of our trauma pattern as nations.

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