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Have a question for Shrinklady?

On randomly scheduled events I offer to answer questions related to myShrink content as well  content in any of the myShrink Programs. I do this for free. 

These questions and my replies bring real life examples to members and visitors alike (and I do appreciate how it makes the theory around self-regulation more viable to a skeptical public 🙂

That said, my time is limited so unfortunately I'm not able to make this option a larger part of your membership and/or visiting experience. However, I know that sometimes it's important to get a reply if only to settle your mind enough to move on.

So if an issue is particularly pressing - here's a way to get a guaranteed response - by covering for my time.

I’ve had 2 online sessions with you. It was soooo scary meeting/talking to you. Thank goodness my blood pressure wasn’t recorded.” 

That being said, both times were really helpful. Especially the 2nd time when you stopped multiple times to explain what we just worked on. Reading is good but Doing was better.

​Emma C.

How does it work?

My response to your question can be either over the phone or via email. (A call is the less expensive option). 

Once you've submitted your question you'll receive an email from me within 72 hours. At that time, I'll let you know my estimate. (Just know that email responses take at least twice as long as a regular call.) Please let me know your preference for a phone call or an email response when you submit your question.

One final thing - I only use first names in my written reply. If you have a nickname I encourage you to use it (The emotional brain is more responsive to hearing friendly terms 🙂

$90 per 20 minute segments

I recently decided to take advantage of the Skype option offered by the Shrink Lade. Speaking directly with Susan made the materials come to life. The personal contact added a valuable perspective to my process of learning and integrating this wonderful BCT information.

 I am very excited about doing the work to address this life-long issue!”

I would encourage anyone who would like to deepen their experience of how BCT works to have a conversation with Susan.


The fine print . . . 

*Note that these calls are not therapy. As such, our time together cannot be claimed on health insurance plans. Unfortunately, I am not able to offer these calls to clients of my private practice.

*Note: Your question and my reply may be re-purposed in several forms: written, podcast, video or webinar. I make this choice based on the type of question I receive. (Let me know if you would prefer that your question and my reply be kept private.)

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