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Get through transference sooner
with less pain and more control
using Therapy Bootcamp

An inspiring online program with multiple training videos,
downloadable PDF's, specialized podcasts and extensive written content.

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Dr. Susan LaCombe 20-Year Veteran Psychologist / Psychotherapist

With Therapy Bootcamp - using insights from neuroscience and clinical practice - you’ll discover how to get through your transference sooner and get out of your therapy what you really went for - to feel better about yourself.

How? Neuroscience provides the theory

Through hundreds of scientific studies in neurodevelopment and neurobiology we've learned that the brain is shaped by infant and childhood experiences

Over the years, subtle (and sometimes, not-so subtle) interactions with your caregivers are collected to form a huge database of memories that shape how you come to know yourself.

early life shapes brain

Feelings are mostly experienced somatically (through your body) that you interpret emotionally. Just like when you were a baby.

Even if you can't recall these early memories, they determine how you feel towards yourself each and every day.

Note that if any critical experience is missed in your childhood, the brain attempts to 'fill in the gaps' through your transference.

Yes, transference is the brain's natural attempt to move towards wholeness and to "make up" whatever experience you missed growing up.

Clinical practice provides the tools

  • Neuroscience teaches us that the brain can use new experiences to re-wire itself. 
  • Clinical practice proved that with the right tools you can re-create powerful experiences which your brain can learn from. Thousands of clients of somatic, body-based therapists are doing just that.

And because these somatic tools directly access core feelings about yourself, gaps in your early development can be "isolated" and "completed". This means that you can move faster through your transference!

With Therapy Bootcamp, I'll share the tools I use everyday from my clinical practice – honed by years of professional training and working with clients. 

Among many skills, you'll learn how to . . .

  • Really get what your particular transference is all about. You'll know exactly the kinds of interactions with your therapist that will help you move through it. (These are probably already happening, but you're missing how to make the most of it.) 
  • Transform your transference with bite-size healing experiences (that you practice between sessions).
  • Re-imagine a positive outcome for your specific transference (part of the brain training)
  • Feel safe enough to say what’s on your mind (without self-editing). This is an important step to getting traction in your sessions. 
  • Avoid obsessing about your therapist. A step-by-step plan helps control the intensity of the feelings associated with transference.

 Imagine too, being really clear about the things that you’re doing now that are helping you move forward and those that are actually slowing you down - especially those actions that are blocking your movement through your transference.

A word of caution

I'm not going to sugarcoat this. Owing to the number of emails I receive on this subject (and at the risk of sounding a little self-serving)  -  I need to tell you this:

"Some therapies are ill-suited to dealing with transference."

I can hear you asking, “So where does that leave me?” 

It’s just the way it is. Look on the forums and you'll notice that some people never get through their transference. Their therapy is going nowhere, and this can go on for years.

It's a tragedy that doesn't have to happen.  I want you to avoid the fate of the hundreds of clients that will never see the end of it.

We now have the tools to make this a reality. 

I believe you can get out of your transference what is meant to happen. I'm committed to showing you how. (For an overview of my approach be sure to read my 3-Part article on dealing with transference.

“I had my session with my T. before she goes on vacation...So here I am the next day after my session and I feel mostly fine. No heartache or longing. Old me would still be in tears and not know why...This is HUGE progress for me.”


older woman considers bootcamp

Who's this for?

You want to transform your transference because you . . .

  • have strong feelings for your therapist and you don't know how to handle them...
  • are obsessed with your therapist; it's put therapy on hold...and it's interfering with your life...
  • are terrified that your therapist will leave you, even though there's no real reason to think so....
  • can't tell if your therapist's aloof and seemingly uncaring attitude is just for effect or whether it is in fact your problem...
  • are still dealing with a lingering transference from a former therapist.
  • haven't told your therapist how you feel and you're worried he or she may refer you to another therapist ...

You want more relief from therapy because you ...

  • are too scared to open up in front of your therapist; you feel guilty that you're just wasting her time...
  • worry that your feelings of wanting your therapist for your very own will get out of hand...
  • spend too much time in therapy talking about emotional wounds (and too little time on healing or resolving them)...
  • feel just as bad (or worse!) at the end your sessions as when you started (so you have to live with a lot of churned up emotions until the next appt)...
product image for therapy bootcamp for dealing with transference and showing all the devices it can be seen on

Get Therapy Bootcamp and avoid wasting precious time. Become a savvy therapy ‘consumer’ who knows exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) to get the most value for your investment of time and money.

woman with transference issues

How does it help?

Therapy Bootcamp reveals how the phenomenon of transference serves an actual purpose in your therapy. That in itself can be real eye opener! It means that now you get to go back and "complete" those crucial developmental experiences that were missed so long ago.

Bootcamp also helps you understand which interactions with your therapist fosters real growth (and how to use that knowledge in-between sessions).  

Finally, it teaches you how to re-direct a transference experience with your therapist into positive healing experiences.

Let me show you the simple steps that ease your way through transference with less pain and more control.”

product image for therapy bootcamp for dealing with transference and showing all the devices it can be seen on

Get Therapy Bootcamp Now 

Bootcamp gives you powerful tools for dealing comfortably with transference . . . once and for all!

“Sometimes I’m so freaked out I can’t absorb what my therapist is saying during a session. The podcasts and cheatsheets help me absorb the therapy talk out of session and have given me tools to get myself grounded and feeling safer.”

Emma C.


What's Included?

Become skilled with a time-tested technique for moving through the underlying source of your transference. A 'fill-in-the-gaps' type strategy that leaves you feeling whole. No longer struggle with depending on your therapist for inner substance. 

Transference Exercises: specific strategies for opening up more, ways to tell if your therapist is really there for you, and using techniques between sessions to calm down and feel less obsessed about your therapy. 

“I found your insight immensely helpful and it has enabled me to step back a little and reflect. I was amazed at how much you 'saw' in my short question!”


Not only that:

EVERYTHING from DeCoding the Brain 

A comprehensive program for reducing any emotional upset.  Matches neuroscience to specific strategies you can use for immediate relief. 

(It's dripped out over the first four months of your Program.)


Being able to absorb what you're learning—especially in regards to applying that knowledge—is usually made much easier when you interact with the material. For this reason, your Program includes several ways to track your progress and keep you inspired. Aside from the quizzes and interactive pages, these elements were created to keep you on track.

1. Each month you're encouraged to do a Challenge course. The Challenges are friendly prompts to use your tools daily (and gain points for Bonuses). You'll find it handy to have all the exercises listed in one place as a reminder of what's available to you.

2. As well, you also have an Online Workbook to record your roadblocks, successes and to note the events that you find challenging. This feature comes in handy as it's not always easy to keep track of events that might be triggering. You can use your workbook as a starting place from which to unpack a trigger (ie. getting at the true source of the trigger and the ideal healing scenario that helps you move beyond it).

3. Finally, every page offers a place to record notes - with the click of a button. Here you can record insights and questions about your growth in relation to the topic you're reading. Many members use this feature to copy verbatim relevant passages. (Your notes are listed on one page in your Workbook.)

By the way, you can choose how much Dr. LaCombe will be involved in your journey. The technical platform is organized so Dr. LaCombe can visually see how you're doing. (This is particularly useful if you're a client of Dr. LaCombe's)


Take control of your therapy

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I know how to get out of crisis / freeze modes

"... The BCP is making a big difference in my life. Of great importance to me is how it has made me aware of, and start to understand Activation. Being aware of it. I know what to do and how to help myself, whether it be in Crisis or Freeze Modes."

Hannah Bennet , Charter Member

Now I have tools to deal with my feelings

"The BCP is helping me understand my core self in a way never before explored and is giving me tools to move through feelings & experiences I have always thought were in control of me, triggering panic and fear that would last for days... brain based and scientific."

Gay. L. , Member

Your program is like therapy for me

Hi Suzanne, I’ve really enjoyed this first week. Being your client for some years now, I find this course a practical way to spend more time “in therapy” on-line as I live on an island and can’t always get in for sessions. The Brain Coaching Program is so worthwhile and you have done a marvelous job of putting this together to give an understandable process to help us heal from life. Your videos bring you right in front of me as if we were in session. Thank you.

Lovely Elspeth…thank-you,


Gives me "brain space" to enjoy my life

"The BCP has pointed me in the right direction... These steps have freed up more time and also more "brain" space for me to enjoy my life NOW. Thank you for the BCP and for detailing the underlying mechanisms and processes in the body and brain!"

Noélie B. , Member / Unsolicited feedback

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