Be Anxiety Free

Get Rid of Anxiety

The science-based reason to be hopeful

Becoming Anxiety Free . . .

. . . using a science-based strategy requires
understanding your nervous system

"Deliberately and consistently change the trajectory of negative physiological states and let anxiety slip away." Psychologist Dr. Susan LaCombe

1. The solution starts with knowing that anxiety is controlled by the nervous system.

Meanwhile, you already know what it feels like when your brain is suffering from anxiety:
illustration of inside view of nervous system emphasizing to get rid of anxiety you must rewire your brain

You can rewire your nervous system—the main control center for anxiety and your emotions.

  • feel tense all the time
  • can't think straight
  • foggy-headedness - can't hold two ideas to prioritize
  • moody - from anxious to down in the dumps
  • worry over things that later seem unimportant and not worth the effort
  • feel overwhelmed too easily
Instead, imagine this . . .

 . . . being excited to see the world from new perspectives.

man sitting at the end of a wooden sidewalk looking at the world in a new way
cat stretching with abandon which is what it feels when you get rid of anxiety

. . . relaxing with abandon.

. . . feeling calmer despite the stormy seas of a work/life balance.

person in lounge chair facing stormy seas

2. The second step to improving your brain power is knowing the nervous system can change.

Like many others you probably thought the nervous system was set in stone early on, and unchangeable. Not so as it turns out. 

Now we know the functioning of the nervous system can be improved—even expanded

Indeed, it's possible—with the right set of conditions—to rewire your brain.

When you know what these conditions are, you can then take steps to apply them in your everyday routine. Then getting rid of anxiety becomes a second nature habit.

3. The third step to becoming anxiety-free is to take advantage on how the brain works.

arrow pointing to text in next column

Work on expanding your
nervous system capacity and easily and simply, get rid of anxiety.


product image showing decoding the brain is good for being productive, clear-headed and anxiety free
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