Emotionally shut down? Break free with a short daily practice.

Are you emotionally
shut down one minute,
a bundle of nerves the next?

This baby-step breakthrough
could be the answer.

A message from Dr. Susan LaCombe:

Does this describe you? One minute you’re feeling emotionally shut down - even  numb - wondering what’s it’s all about - the next, you can’t sit still and your brain won’t shut off.

Maybe you already know this . . . you're spending a lot of emotional energy just keeping yourself together when others seem at ease and free to do what they want.

You on the other hand, have to be calculating about how much you take in cause you never know when you're going to be shut down (Freeze Mode) or fretting and anxious (Crisis Mode).

Ask yourself this...

Are you so anxious and fidgety . . .

. . . you can't focus your mind?

worried black woman who can't focus her mind

Squeezed for time where everything feels urgent even when it's not?

Always squeezed for time?

. . . where EVERYTHING feels URGENT
(even when it's not)

Do you catch yourself starring off into space cause . . . you're so checked out?

Distraught and anxious male

​If you said "YES" to any of these questions then chances are your nervous system isn't working as it should. 

That's right . . . I said your "nervous system". You see, the nervous system is responsible for the 'up-again-down-again', crisis-freeze mode cycling. 

In fact, it's the main reason you shut down emotionally.

When the nervous system isn't working as it should, it puts all its energy into survival. That means there's nothing much left to handle everyday emotions. 

And that's why you feel like you don't have any control over your emotions. You end up . . .

  • feeling nervous when you know there's absolutely no reason to be
  • having fears about things that don't even seem scary
  • avoiding friends and family cause you just "can't take it anymore"
  • you can't even follow through on your goals (there's no room to tolerate feeling unsettled even for a little bit).
  • can't shake the foggy brain and you're tired of going in circles in your head
  • I'm sure you can name a few others . . .

I struggled with this too . . . in reality your thoughts, emotions and behaviours are  being controlled by a nervous system that has its own agenda and purpose.

And I know this sounds clichéd but this state of affairs isn't your fault. Old programming, negative emotional scripts, and trauma are blocking your way.

And the solution?​​

It begins with one little known fact. Most people believe that the nervous system is set in stone. You're born with it and you got what you got. End of story.


Here's what years of neuroscience research and clinical practice has revealed:

The nervous system can be changed at its source.

How is it done? 

Well, let's start with the right tools. Yeah, it's as simple as that.​​

Here's an invitation for you.

If I told you it was possible that with a short daily practice you could systematically extend those moments of clarity and calm and gradually come home to “you”?

And if I could point to others who changed the direction of their lives using this simple yet profound process, would you be interested?​

Try the Brain Coaching Program – see the results first hand. If you notice changes, and if you continue your practice, I guarantee more changes will come, and keep coming.

God Bless,

Dr. "Shrinklady" LaCombe

Susan K. LaCombe Ed. D., R. Psych.

P.S. Imagine if these changes were ongoing, what your life would look like down the road . . . yeah, good stuff.

“I have a most wonderful life and I love it!” This is the shortest way of me expressing how timely, fitting, tailor made, completely appropriate and helpful your programme was and is, and (I am sure of it) will be. It has helped me turn my life around, make lasting changes to the quality of my life, and you have most certainly kept your initial promise!

Doris S.

Here's how it'll make a difference

The Brain Coaching Program (BCP) is delivered sequentially over 4 weeks so you're never overwhelmed.

Topics include:

  • A simple-to-follow yet revolutionary blueprint to permanently stop chronic cycling between crisis and freeze mode. (Imagine how many more things you'd choose to do if you never had to worry: “it’d be too much”.)
  • You’ll always have a 'do-this-first' answer for any crisis or emotional challenge when you learn to access this area of the brain.
  • Tired of the upteen ways your life is limited? FINALLY, a systematic way of facing any fear.
  • The Secret to Letting Go. Learn what tell-tale signs to look for and find yourself easily and almost magically 'letting go' of the things that used to bug you.
  • POSITIVE Emotions don't arise merely with the absence of negative ones. How to shift into “feeling good” from any emotional upset. And won't that be nice!

What's the Brain Coaching Program all about?

The Brain Coaching Program (BCP) is a step-by-step, therapist-designed self-help guide to conquering the intense feelings of anxiety, fear and sadness.

It's a comprehensive collection of videos, podcasts, cheat sheats and articles delivered online through a private, 24/7 interactive Membership website.

"The BCP is helping me understand my core self in a way never before explored and is giving me tools to move through feelings & experiences I have always thought were in control of me, triggering panic and fear that would last for days... brain based and scientific."

What's the science behind the BCP?

Clinical inspirations from...

No more dealing with emotions the hard way...

Controlling emotions the easier way...

An even better reason to use the body

Baby steps . . . changing you from the inside out!

I have just been doing what you said in your video. Feel anxious… so I calm my body reaction, and literally absolutely can feel the anxiety calming… dissipating. Magic Extraordinary and very WONDERFUL! Needless to say, enormous thanks to you for this and your website in general.

“… And I want you to know how much I am enjoying and learning from the Brain Coaching Program. Everyday I take time to watch or rewatch a video – and it helps me get thru my day. Your voice and face help me to remember the work I need to be doing daily. I am so thankful for you :)”


Jane S.

Learning without feeling overwhelmed ...

  • The material is organized to make your learning experience easy and enjoyable.
  • Go at your own pace because learning to self-regulate should be done with your own time clockThis self-paced program of videos and articles is delivered in bite-size chunks spread out over 4 weeks.
  • Each module is delivered in a multimedia format.
  • Formatted for easy reading on your computer, iPad or iPhone.
  • Includes over 50 high-content videos with accompanying written instructions.
  • Go at your own pace - you'll always feel in control.

An artist's rendering; not a physical product.

"Just love the material you are sharing. It is heaven-sent. So well organized and current. The brief learning videos are perfect, allowing time to internalize the information each day. Feel like I am in a session with you. Next best to the real thing."
Jean Susan
Dr. Janice Stuart is a supportive voice of the BCP.

Shrinklady has done an amazing job translating neuroscience research and what we know about body-centered therapies into a one of a kind program for clients and therapists alike. She makes it easy to see how to put these insights and techniques into practice. Learning these skills can help clients make the best use of their therapy. I know of no other program like it.

Dr. Janice Stuart​, Ph.D. Registered Psychologist

Dr. LaCombe has created an innovative and comprehensive program for remapping the brain and powering up treatment effectiveness. As a fellow brain-wise therapist, I can attest to the power of her BCP insights and techniques for helping folks shift out of stuck and into flow - mind, body, and spirit!

Dr. Carole Gaato, Ph.D. Registered Psychologist​

Dr. Gaato is a supportive voice of the BCP.
Erika Moore works holistically with the nervous system and is a supporter of the BCP.

Indeed, we are all hoping for healing relationships. The simplicity of the BCP is deceiving, for it is very powerful. It convinced me that emotional repair and restoration is possible, even for someone with early abandonment issues.

I would recommend The Brain Coaching Program absolutely for anyone wishing to escape unhelpful patterns of relating and gain mastery over old behaviours.

Thank you Shrinklady for spreading the message of hope!​

Erika Moore, Registered Massage Therapist

"... The BCP is making a big difference in my life. Of great importance to me is how it has made me aware of, and start to understand Activation. Being aware of it. I know what to do and how to help myself, whether it be in Crisis or Freeze Modes."
Hannah Bennet
"The BCP has pointed me in the right direction... These steps have freed up more time and also more "brain" space for me to enjoy my life NOW. Thank you for the BCP and for detailing the underlying mechanisms and processes in the body and brain!"
Noélie B.

My promise to you...

Here's my 60-day Unconditional Guarantee

Try the BCP Next Level for a full 60 days, 100% Risk Free​

YES, try the ENTIRE program. If you don’t LOVE it, simply email us to get 100% of your money back.

Unconditional guarantee for 60 days - because I want you to be satisfied.

You can keep the bonus podcasts and all 8 Cheat Sheets - at my expense.

Let me tell you why this is why I can make such an unbeatable guarantee.

Back in 2006 when I first started myShrink few people had heard of neuroplasticity and the power of the brain to re-wire itself. Even fewer had heard of bodymindfulness and self-regulation of the nervous system. Indeed, many of the ideas I share with you in this Program are still locked away behind therapist doors and complicated academic theories because the belief is that they should only be utilized by fully qualified practitioners in professional settings. They believe you’re too fragile to handle this information. Not me.

Dr. Susan LaCombe Psychologist and Head Shrink at myShrink.com

I don’t care what psychological label you’ve been given, everyone has a nervous system and everyone can use these principles to improve.

I only care about delivering high quality material that’s super relevant to you. That’s why all my products come with Lifetime Access. I want you to benefit as I refine and add to these courses because I believe in the value they hold to change your life. Folks who first purchased my program in 2010 are still visiting the BCP and benefiting from the upgrades I make - at no extra cost.

With this program you’ll have a proven system no matter what emotional challenge you face. You’ll always have a system to turn to that will serve you well. Anytime. Anywhere.

Dr. Susan LaCombe
Susan K. LaCombe Ed.D., R.Psych.

Don’t decide now…take all the time you need
and try the "Brain Coaching Program"
for a full 60 days.

If You’re Not Satisfied Within This 60 Day Window

I'll Send You an Immediate Refund​

Learn to manage intense anxiety, panic and freeze states and keep connected to your authentic core.


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