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Have you ever thought you were dropped here from another planet? Well that pretty much describes my first couple decades on earth.

Who is Dr. Susan LaCombe?

psychologist consultant doctor susan lacombe

A closet-rebel psychologist working through her fears, trying to make an imprint on the world for something she believes is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

There's more to the story of course . . . I believe that once this important idea is grasped, the implications are far-reaching.

I ask . . .

. . . do we really need 300 DSM Disorders to describe what can be reduced to 5 or 6?

. . . is it right that millions believe medications are the only solution and all they can ever hope for?

In other words, emotional fitness is what we can all strive for because we all have our stuff.

My story

I was once very troubled—my trauma history had caught up to me early . . . two clinical depressions before age 30 and a neediness towards others.  I turned to therapy for an answer.

Turned out to be the wrong solution—well for about 14 times 🙂

Until . . . 

. . . around my 4th decade on this planet I found the right kind of therapy . . . or was it the right type of therapist? Tricky question.

The type of therapy my therapist used was a whole paradigm shift away from the others.

It was a trauma-based somatic model.

It not only made sense of my life, it suddenly became clear that the mental health field were approaching anxiety and depression with outdated methods. 

Even motional issues like dealing with authority figures, co-dependency, transference, abandonment . . . here was a completely new science-based way to get to the root cause with less pain while achieving better results.

And before you think, "Well, I don't see how my trauma which happened years ago can still affect me today."

That's because a trauma model is a human model. It's based on how we all are wired. It's based on evolutionary psychology.

Here's the sad part.

Although the stunning discoveries being made in brain science have huge implications for approaching anxiety and other emotional problems, the mental health profession is very slow spreading the word.

In fact, the very thing that helped me in therapy - that's at the heart of the way I practice my coaching today - has not yet been acknowledged and adopted as the future direction of the profession.

Whereas I see brain science not only as a way to do coaching that's twice as effective (in half the time), but as the key to discovering who you really are and how to live authentically.

Rather than over and under reacting to my life's circumstances, with this approach my brain learned to mindfully respond and adapt.

In a deeper sense, perhaps you could see my work here as a "thank you" to all the clients I have been privileged to meet over the years.

Whatever I am able to teach you here, it is only because they taught me first.

It's a gesture of gratitude that I pay forward.

So, Welcome!

Dr. LaCombe holding Bobbi

aka Dr. Shrinklady

PS. If you're interested in working with me on your transference, click here to learn more.

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