Dr. Susan LaCombe Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Have you ever thought you were dropped here from another planet? Well that pretty much describes my first couple decades on earth.

Dr. Susan LaCombe Psychologist and Psychotherapist

There once was a time when I needed help – and boy I needed help – and I turned to psychotherapy for an answer.

You might think that was the end of the story. Nope.

First you have to know that I agonized over seeing a therapist for months…probably years. I thought therapy was for the “seriously ill” and I’d be using up someone’s precious time because I’d be belly aching about what’s not working in my life.

That right there…it’s that kind of thinking…with a “I don’t deserve to receive support”, “other people have bigger problems” and “I’m too selfish” is EXACTLY the reason I needed to go. (It’s EXACTLY the reason you should consider it too if you think like that.)

My intuition was right. I was screwed up. But not in the way most people think when they think of seeing a shrink. (And no doubt, it’s playing a major factor to either stall or speed up your healing if it isn’t included in your therapy.)

And it took seeing over a dozen therapists for me to finally find one that knew the true nature of my problem. She operated from a whole paradigm shift away from the others and it was her teachings, nurturance and therapy that gave me my life back…and so I could finally pull it together.

Indeed, it’s still hard for me to put into words because what I discovered changed the whole direction of my practice.

In fact, it gave meaning and purpose to my life!

(And that you’re here right now reading my bio means I have made a bit of a dent…proud to say 🙂

You see, one day we’ll all be more body-based, everyone will know what it means to be “in their body”. We’ll all embrace a bodymindfulness approach (admittedly, we may not refer to it by that name. For example those who use their Heart Rate Variability or HRV for short to monitor their stress level are doing much the same thing). Children in the Mind Up Program use it slightly differently with similar results.

How can I so confidently say this?

Well, aside from the pretty hefty neuroscience that points in this direction, it’s not only good for you emotionally, it’s physiologically healthier. That means you’ll live longer and look younger than others around you who aren’t enjoying a body-based lifestyle.

Okay I’m getting ahead of myself . . . maybe we can chat about that another time 😉

Let me clarify where I stand today. I’m a psychotherapist and I write a lot about therapy. Like everyone else, I’m not perfect. I have plenty of issues that I’m working on. That we all have our stuff – myShrink’s take on it – and life is a journey of self-discovery is an integral part of my personal philosophy.

Indeed, I can’t see myself ever stop growing through therapy or using therapy-like practices until I leave this world. And by the way, I didn’t always think this way. I think it’s because what I’ve learned through body-based therapy gives me a zest for living, and living well.

Here’s the sad part.

Although the stunning discoveries being made in brain science have huge implications for the practice of therapy, the profession is very slow spreading the word – especially in regards to using a body-based approach.

In fact, the very thing that helped me in therapy – that’s at the heart of the way I practice today – has not yet been acknowledged and adopted as the future direction of the profession.

Too many therapists still see a body-based treatment model as just another technique in the therapist toolbox, something that’s reserved for clients with a severe trauma history.

Whereas I see it not only as a way to do therapy that’s twice as effective (in half the time), but as the key to discovering who you really are and how to live authentically. Rather than mindlessly react to life’s circumstances, you can teach your brain to mindfully respond and adapt.Dr. Susan with Bobbi

This is what myShrink is all about. My way to spread the news.

In a deeper sense, perhaps you could see myShrink as a “thank you” to all the clients I have been privileged to meet over the years. Whatever I am able to teach you here, it is only because they taught me first.

It’s a gesture of gratitude that I pay forward, cause it can never be paid back.

So, welcome!


aka Dr. Shrinklady

To learn more about Dr. LaCombe visit her private practice site: https://www.myshrink.ca

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