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Hello! I’m Shrinklady, creator and publisher of myShrink.com.

In this article I’m going to chat about two topics:

1. Why I use ‘cookies’ on this site

2. How I use your email

Why I track visitors on this site

This site is about the power of optimizing your nervous system to feel better and expanding your life. However, most of the visitors coming to this site know nothing of self-regulation theory – the basis for which you can change your nervous system.

Visitors usually come to this site because they’re struggling with a symptom (therapy troubles, zoning out, feeling unmotivated etc.)

So in order to help you understand how self-regulation of the nervous system can help, I need to know a little bit about your needs. (No sense in wasting your time with information that’s irrelevant to you.) That’s why I track visits and note when visitors click around.

I hope that doesn’t freak you out. Most sites track visitor clicks. If I can get you where you want to go faster and provide more relevant information to you – I will do that. However, to do that, I’ll need to track visits and visitor behaviour on my site.

Note that I’m not tracking you individually. The information is gathered in bulk form. I will however track your clicks more individually if you give me your email.

Here’s one good example of why I need to track.

If you sign up for a freebie and that freebie includes a time-limited special offer – once the time elapses for that special offer – I’ll need to prevent you from accessing the special offer page. I’ll do that by blocking your access to that page via a cookie placed on the email you provided. Seems fair right.

By clicking off this page, scrolling this site, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. If you would prefer that your clicks are not tracked then please do not peruse this site. (I have no control over limiting my cookies.)

How I use your email

You might think this site is run by some big company, since there’s so much here about neuroscience and psychotherapy. But the truth is, it’s just me (and a few stalwart volunteer editors) who do all the work to deliver the best content we can about this fast moving field.

“But Shrinklady..” you say, “how can you afford the time and expense of providing all this stuff ??”

Well, here’s where you (one of my – hopefully –  soon-to-be new Members) come in.

By choosing to receive emails about my free offerings (such as movies, webinars, audios and written content) you agree to accept informational emails about my paid offerings.

Now, it doesn’t mean you’re obligated to buy anything – you’re only agreeing to receive my emails. That said, I will do my best to entice you with my products. Because truthfully, I believe in the quality and value of my offerings. The benefit they deliver is unique, cutting edge and backed by hundreds of hours of clinical practice and neuroscience research.

Bottom line, it’s only through the sale of my products that I am able to provide this free content.

Don’t want to receive emails?

So, if you don’t wish to receive these emails, please do not accept my free material.

Remember, you can always change your mind.

You are welcome to change your mind at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email (see P.S. below). This will remove your name and email from my email list and you will no longer receive communications from me.

My Free offerings include:
  • 7 Ways of Getting Stuck in Therapy
  • Inside Job Movie
  • Is Therapy Working eCourse
  • Emotional Overload Movie
  • Thought Overload Movie
  • The Therapy Mind Map
  • Hugs in Therapy Podcast
  • Teleseminar Replays
  • Live Webinars (e.g. Abandonment Issues, Making Wise Therapeutic Choices etc.)

…also including:

  • The Psych Cafe Forum
  • …and over 400 pages of content on myShrink.com

Most of the information I offer is not available anywhere on the Net.

These ideas are changing people’s lives fundamentally as they have mine.

However, if and when this material is no longer of interest to you, please be kind enough, when you choose to leave us, by clicking the Unsubscribe button (instead of the Spam button-  see P.S. below).



P.S. You can learn more about the policies on this site here: Privacy and Terms of Service

P.P. S. Here’s where you can find the Unsubscribe link on any email:

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