The #1 Strategy for Keeping Cool in a Crisis Using a Simple Technique

The #1 Strategy for Keeping Cool in a Crisis


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When you’re trying to cope with a crisis you need a strategy that works fast. Unless you get your feelings settled, you’ll have a hard time getting your mind in gear.

Here’s a simple technique that’ll take the edge off any pent up feelings. The first few seconds are the toughest – after that, each “Chill” moment gets easier. Then practice repeatedly and this body-based strategy will even increase your tolerance to stress.

Questions/comments for using the 12-Second Chill:

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  • Gale Greyson says:

    I have just tried this technique, though not during a stressful event. I performed the 12 second chill 3 times as was demonstrated in the video. I experienced a progressive relaxation with each successive 12-second event. It felt like a combination of meditation and mindfulness turned inward. Twelve seconds seemed so short, but I am used to lengthy meditations. I will try it under stress when I get an opportunity. Thank you for this new tool to try.

    • Shrinklady says:

      Oh that’s great Gale. Yeah, it’s short because it’s easy to quickly know whether you experience a benefit. Since you did feel the effects, it also means that other body-based tools – which are longer lasting and which are made for higher stress levels – will work for you.

      The 12-Second Chill can be done anytime, anywhere cause you’re just dipping into your body – it gives you an idea of how activated we can get and not realize it.

      The important idea behind body-based tools is that they are more effective than cognitive based strategies because they reach the brain areas where our emotions reside.

      Thanks for giving it a try!

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