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Deep, lasting  change is literally an “inside job”. Brain research explains why: your nervous system must learn new ways to manage stress and emotion if you want better relationships, effective therapy, and a better quality of life overall.

In this movie, Shrinklady describes what really happens when we get stuck in crisis or freeze mode, whether in therapy or in daily life.

As you can see below, many folks agree with her ultimate conclusion: therapy has never been more relevant to personal change.


Praise for the Brain-Wise Series


Shrink lady – you rule!!!! thanks for this. It makes perfect sense to me – well put together presentation that speaks clearly to non-psychologists…


Again some really fascinating insights which I want to use in my relationships. I’d love to be more chilled about other people’s annoying habits!…I really like the simple example in the movie of not reacting to the partner dropping clothes on the floor. ..


I have just listened to your movie for a second time and bells rang and lights came on. Big bells, bright lights! This is marvelous and I am so excited. Very many grateful thanks to you, and pleeeeeeeze keep going and sharing your ideas and thoughts with us.


I have loved both your movies because oh boy I have learned so much from them! So much applied and applies to me. Now I simply have to find a way of staying or at least spending much more time in my Comfort Zone…..Thank you for literally letting me see such things even exist.


It totally relates to my life…. Thanks Susan, it makes soooo much sense, looking at it that way. Always a pleasure reading (listening to) you.


Thanks for the video – it is very good and you are a clear communicator as well as conveying instant warmth and caring.


I’m actually a college student studying to be a counselor so this really interests me.
Becoming “brain-wise” will actually help me in the long run I think. Thanks for the videos!


I think it’s fascinating and I love the way you are personalizing it and putting it all into understandable bytes….I’m looking forward to finding out more about how to take active steps towards creating change for myself. Thanks!


I am excited about this series. I love learning new things. While I was listening to the slides, I evaluated my current therapy experience.


Great presentations Susan, thank you so much for making these. I love to see a professional step out of their “comfort” zone in order to reach out and help more of us.
I do agree that, great wisdom through painful experience…is an inside job. I truly appreciate and applaud your efforts to make it more understandable for everyone.
I will continue to read…watch….and learn. Thanks again…


I loved this movie – thank you so much for this! It explains a great deal why some of my past therapy experiences have made me feel worse, not better. The explanations about containment and comfort zones are especially enlightening about this. Also the info about the way the nervous system and the brain work really makes sense. Brilliant stuff – every therapist should know about it.


thanks for pointing up that “couch potato” is an identifiable problem, on the spectrum of things needing therapy. I have tended to see it as my fault, something I just need more self-discipline to overcome.


This video really spoke to me. I work as a trauma counsellor and find discussions around the nervous system to really help normalize client’s difficulty with post-traumatic responses (eg. depression, anxiety, dissociation….For me (and I believe The Shrink Lady has some awesome info on the website) it’s strongly about discharge…P.S. I really liked the idea of using a Rainbow analogy. Very creative


Makes perfect sense and you explained it so well. Can’t wait to learn more.
Great job!

I love this. You explain it so simply and clearly, Susan. I will be blogging about this video today.Thanks for being a great resource for therapists and clients!


Great video! This helps me not be so hard on myself and to allow myself to go in and out of the zone. You hit a key point about the emotions and being in the comfort zone before going there. Thanks for sharing this great informatinon!


“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” C. Jung
  • Avatar audrey says:

    I love the movie, I make so much sense and I have a whole lot more insight into my own growth.
    I cannot wait to see part two.
    I also wanted to say I think touch therapy is needed badly. As I child I was never held nor told that I was loved and I find that I have this longing for my therapist to hold my hands or give me a hug when I having a major melt down.
    I think it does not happen because I am gay and maybe she will think I may feel something for her. Just guessing.
    I am not sure, but I did mention touch therapy to her and I felt stupid that I did when she basically told me it will never happen and that I should give myself a hug when I feel the need for a hug in therapy. I am still angry with her for saying that to me. But, other than that she does good work with me and has helped me a great deal.

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