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graphic illustrating going from mush brain, circling thoughts, can't concentrate to quieting the mind and sharpening your creativity

Go from "can't think your way out of a paper bag" 

grey open box against grey backdrop with light bulbs sticking out and only one is lite up

To an out-of-the-box thinker, an innovator and ahead of the crowd.

four colored open boxes each holding light same colored bulbs on sticks that have pencils as the holder of the bulbs sorry this is hard to describe
Do you blame yourself for not trying hard enough or badger yourself with negative self talk like:

"it's all in my head" or "I'm not trying hard enough"

Maybe something else is affecting your drive. Could it be your nervous system is underfunctioning.
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artist rendition of male and female nervous system

The Nervous System is the kingpin of all body systems.

illustration showing the many areas that the nervous system affects the rest of the body

The autonomic nervous system controls many aspects of your health including your sense of well being.

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From the desk of  Psychologist, Dr. Susan LaCombe
Pender Harbour, BC, Canada


What if I could tell you that it's possible to power down a mind that can't focus, stop the parade of circling thoughts, clear your mind and get back to feeling productive within minutes?

Achieve this without uppers, hours of meditation, years of therapy, or expensive south sea vacations.

retro image of a mans hands attempting to recharge his brain by taking pills


retro image of young bearded businessman meditating in a suit giving his brain a recharge


retro image of white therapist looking aghast as she looks at an anxious adult male lying on a therapy couch hoping to reset his brain


retro image of long female legs showing under big colorful umbrella as she sits in lounge chair hoping to recharge her brain


All you need is a few minutes
of uninterrupted time.


You've probably heard "the simplest explanation is usually the best one". 
You're about to learn one of those ideas.

The truth of the matter is that the applications of basic science take years to become mainstream. If you are comfortable in being ahead of the pack, you'll be interested in what I have to share.

In short order, you will learn how to . . .

  • Boost your productivity with the basic principle of science-based brain mechanics
  • Clear the clutter in your mind and break free from irritating worry thoughts
  • Improve your capacity to concentrate without distraction

Here's a familiar story
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  • You're passionate about an idea and you're well on your way to making it a reality.
  • Let's say you take on a big project and it stresses you out. You're under a deadline so you push yourself. All's well because the project got done and it's a success.
  • However, "abundance" keeps coming and another opportunity arises soon after! 
  • Thinking that this is a temporary situation, you push to the limit once again.
a light graphic illustration of a light bulb
It's a chain reaction
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  • Eventually, the practice of leaving yourself less time and space to unwind has become habitual. 
  • That tightness in your chest becomes a regular annoyance - so much so you no longer pay heed to it. You experienced anxiety before. You figure you'll deal with it eventually.
illustration of a guy thinking of sheep as he sleeps
  • This wound up feeling starts showing up in other ways.
  • Like you're not getting great sleeps. So you think it's something physical and you're off to the doctor for pills - just for those occasional nights. 
  • It's a slippery slope however and now it's an every night deal. You reason it's okay cause now you sleep through the night—though admittedly it takes a good hour before your brain's in gear in the morning.
You're not connecting the dots

  • You're experiencing more busy brain in your head—thinking of out-of-proportion worries that you ever did before.
  • And you're struggling against a crippling mindset that's making you feel worse. 
  • You used to put these negativities aside with ease.
  • Now your mind is swimming in details and tasks aren't getting done. Where does the time go, you ask.
left and right brain with lots of graphics associated with each side
  • You've noticed that the window of your peak-time concentration has decreased. You put it down to something physical and you vow to yourself to make time to deal with it. It's probably because you haven't made enough time for fitness, you reason.
  • Your world is getting smaller

    illustration of an old fashioned tv with the words 'game over' on it
    • Your partner complains because "we never do anything anymore". It's true. By the time work finishes at the end of day, you don't want to see anyone.
    • In fact, if truth be told you're not really engaging or playing with the kids very much these days. That used to be a fun part of your day.
    • You drag yourself through the evening until you get some alone time with computer games or a good Netflix binge.
  • Now your business partner has a new angle on the business and wants to try something new. It sounds like a good idea but you're just into it. Your head is filled with a dozen reasons why you shouldn't proceed. 
  • What you think

    • Yeah, you're tapped out. You're coping with as much as you can handle. Problem is, it's actually a lot less than you used to handle. You thrived on this stuff. Now, new directions are frankly, "a pain in neck".
    • Maybe you're just not cut out for this line of work, you think. Though if you get talking about your work, the passion is still there. It's just not driving you like before.
    Where you're right

    • It is physical. It's physiological. More precisely because this condition affects your thoughts, it's psycho-physiological
    • This physiological state is controlled by your autonomic nervous system.
    • And yes, physical exercise will help your energy level. However, more of the same won't cure this condition either.
    Watch out for these assumptions

    •  When we think into the future from a depleted state we tend to color our thoughts from that same state.  That's why it's too early to decide if you're "cut out for this work". Feel better first, then decide.
    • Medication will only masquerade the problem - it's a stop gap measure. Not a cure. It will also curtail the expansion of your nervous system. It keeps you in a holding pattern.
    • Some people choose to cut back - maybe lower their expectations. That's another slippery slope that eventually leads one to mislead yourself: "Oh, I guess I must be getting older."
    • Simply cutting things out of your life won't reset your nervous system setpoint (Your setpoint is the midpoint between where you stress and where you relax.)
    The solution

    • Neuroscience teaches us that it's very possible to reset the nervous system. It merely requires a specific set of conditions.
    • Reverse engineer your nervous system setpoint—meeting all the necessary conditions for growth—so it's once again that flexible, resilient and healthy state and go onto a bigger life than you could ever imagine today.
    illustration of five trees in increasing height
  • Finally, recognize that a time upheaval is also an opportunity for growth—growth in ways you probably could not have achieved otherwise.

  • Hi, I'm Dr. Susan LaCombe . . . 

    I have spent almost two decades translating neuroscience to improve the lives of my clients and visitors.

    The principles of brain mechanics are deceptively simple. Often underestimated, they're there for anyone to take advantage of.

    They fly in the face of traditional knowledge that promotes there is only one way to think more clearly and that is, to practice "thinking".

    psychologist with a look of happy to see you

    Author: Dr. Susan LaCombe

    On the contrary, practicing "thinking" skills is the tedious, painstakingly slow way to train your brain. Not only that that approach requires continual updates.

    The Nervous system controls poor decision-making
    psychologist consultant doctor susan lacombe

    There was a time when I could not make a decision — even tiny ones. I exhausted all my friends polling them for their opinion of everything from how to run my business to decorating my living room.

    Truthfully, I was in a perpetual state of fog. 

    I've always been driven and a high achiever. I got what I pretty much set my eyes on. That is until, after many years of pushing myself, I was starting to burn out. By the time I finished my doctorate I was running out of steam.

    There wasn't much left in me at the end of the day. I knew something was wrong. I was only working three days of work. If I was to serve my clients well, I knew that's all I could do. 

    I was clocking time but I was feeling lost. I hadn't created a plan once I finished my doctorate. How could I possibly figure my life when just getting through one day at a time.

    Tapped out in the evening

    What I didn't know is that the charge in my body can get wound up over time—if I'm not providing the opportunity for it to be released.

    Yes, all those nights pushing through despite feeling tired had caught up with me. 

    I was tapped out most nights after work. I wasn't myself. 

    a lit up coil wound loosely

    Searching for solutions

    Desperate, I reached out to my doctor. I asked to see a psychiatrist. That was an eye opener. 

    Sitting behind the biggest desk I've ever seen, she asked me a few questions. I sat on my lone, saggy chair and couldn't find the words to describe the drastic change I had gone through with myself. 

    Within a few minutes of conversation, she pronounced a diagnosis. Dysthymia (low grade depression). I guess I thought it would help. NOT.

    Turns out I didn't actually need a diagnosis. Yes, I felt there was something drastically wrong with me. The solution however was not the pronouncement of a out-of-touch practitioner who was locked into a limited view of the human condition.

    Nothing out there explained what was going on with me—what's actually going on with thousands, no doubt, millions of people.

    Side-stepped medication
    pop art young white female woman holding a pill packet with a worried look on her face with her eyes closed and her hand to her forehead


    I didn't take the prescription offered. 

    Thank goodness.

    Something told me taking a "happy" pill was a road leading nowhere. There must be another way, I thought, to get back to the high-functioning self I knew myself to be.

    Later I was to learn that the problem with drugs is that while they sometimes reduce the "charge" there's always consequences. Most often and as many will report, you feel numb to having real experiences. True joy escapes you. It's the downside of the meds that prevent that state.

    The worst of a medicalized approach? Much like street drugs, medications compromise your ability to expand your capacity. 

    Translation? It means a smaller life, a hardened resistance to change. Worse still, taking on bigger—maybe more profitable—challenges will be harder.

    Yeah, meds keep you in la-la land.

    I was driven—I just didn't know what I was driven to do.

    Therapy was a disaster until it wasn't

    Though, it took me another five years to find what I was looking for. That was after my upteenth therapist. 14 all told.

    • The male therapist at my college counselling center who insisted on placing me with a male therapist when I wanted a female therapist.
    • Countless therapists who believed talking your way to change is the solution. Who believe dredging up childhood memories without a clear purpose. Who leave you hanging and feeling there's never an end in sight.
    • And those who obviously had never experienced the kind of upgrade I was looking for.
    pop art of female therapist with white male sitting on proverbial couch and a worried look on his face as he looks upwards


    BTW, I do believe therapists make a difference . . . particularly those that think beyond merely helping you to "cope" with whatever disorder your doctor has diagnosed you with.

    Wrong directions come from the wrong mindset

    When I discovered the way out, the changes were palpable. With each day I became stronger. Choices opened up to me. 

    When I did start to get my sanity back I realized the whole mental health system with its countless "disorders" was not necessary. Indeed, it was a sham.

    I believed in the power of information to help change minds. I set goals and achieved them - often overcoming substantial odds.

    However, owing to such a disconnection to my own well-being and a clear-headed mind, I was working towards things that were not really important - not knowing how to clearly focus on what was really a priority.

    Today, it's easy to switch gears. The fog is gone and my ability to focus can last all day—limited only by my wish for work/life balance.

    Have you ever had the experience of being proven absolutely wrong when moments before you were adamantly sure you were correct? Yes, now you've got egg all over your face.

    Well, our brain operates a little like that. One part knows, the other finds a reason that sounds plausible—whether or not it is correct.

    We distrust our own knowingness. That knowingness comes from a part of the brain that's actually easily accessible.

    retro gangster shooting metaphorically the idea of optimizing brain performance

    "Don't shoot the messenger"
    the 80/20 Rule

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Have you ever tried improving your mind to increase your concentration?

    All those cognitive exercises to improve your brain power, all that time on meditation and mind games?

    Well, two decades of science says there's a faster, more effective way.

    The reality is, your internal physical state actually affects your mind 80% more than your mind does

    Yes using your mind, to change your mind is a losing battle.

    The mind clocks in at 20% effective—and that's at its best.

    If you've ever tried to talk yourself out of brain fog—you know what I mean.

    How does it work?

    Optimizing brain performance is achieved by continually shifting your physical state towards a slightly more positive direction. Repeat the process and you eventually rewire the brain. Simple as that.

    Controlling the mind is achieved—counterintuitively—by controlling the body

    You’ve probably heard about yogi’s who can control their heart rate, blood pressure and sit on a bed of nails for hours with no pain.

    One might fancy that they had natural inclinations towards these skills.

    No, they learned it. They learned it experientially.

    What if I were to tell you that you can learn some of that and apply it to improving how your brain functions.

    I might not make you into a yogi but we can use some of their techniques to our advantage.

    With the right technique you can rein in the unbridled charge in your body and successfully channel it out. In doing so, you will expand your capacity for focused attention. Mind control at its height.

    It's a 1-to-1 ratio. The bigger the charge, the greater the capacity for concentration under your belt.

    Why relaxation techniques are NOT the answer

    The problem with a lot of the relaxation techniques out there is that they don’t match your internal physical state. They don’t match your physiology at the time. 

    It’s fine to have a soothing guided visualization about being on the beach. Visualizing that scene and sitting still when your body feels you could run a 30 km marathon is absolute torture.

    Not only that there’s ways to calm down that has future proofing built in. That means each time you do it, you can feel confident your brain is learning for the next time.

    And all the meditation in the world is not going to help if you can never get under your thoughts.

    You need tools that match the high-powered charge that’s running through you.

    Science provides the solution

    Science reduces every action, every thought, every emotion to mere neurons firing in the brain. Our cultural arrogance assumes our intellect emerges from our own internal devices. 

     We totally underestimate the power of our lower brain to influence our daily actions, thoughts and feelings.

    Using research from the fields of evolutionary psychology, neurobiology and developmental psychology, you'll discover how these are survival strategies at one time served a viable purpose. That in itself, can take a load of your shoulders especially if you tend to be hard on yourself.


    The Re-Charge Reset
    for Optimal Brain Functioning

    Use a proven science-based technique and enhance 
    your concentration and performance in double-time

    • Material stored in a password protected platform for easy access. Looks good on any device.
    •  As well, you also have an Online Workbook to record your roadblocks, successes and to note the events that you find challenging. This feature comes in handy as it's easier to begin new habits when you have lots of tips.
    • Track your progress with The Tracker Tool. When you're trying to change lifelong patterns, it's motivating to know where you started from. The Tracker Tool is something you're encouraged to do each week—and it only takes a minute of your time. This feature keeps a record each time you record your current state. Even using The Tracker Tool the one time is an eye-opener. You'll discover for instance, how even a little progress can benefit your life. 
    • Finally, every page offers Take Notes, a digital place to record notes - with the click of a button. Here you can record insights and questions about your body practice in relation to the topic you're reading. Many members use this feature to copy verbatim relevant passages. (Your notes are listed on one page in your Workbook.)
    • Appeals to many learning styles, it's a comprehensive collection of videos, podcasts, cheat sheets, articles. Information is organized simply using a popular learning style with progress bars, complete buttons and more

    My promise to you...


    You have my 30-day Unconditional Guarantee of satisfaction. I’m confident that you’ll find The ReCharge Reset eye-opening, powerful and effective.

    I’ve designed the program to ensure you get the tools you need to shift out of a negative, mind-numbing state.

    However, if you don’t feel like you’re getting the value you expected, or if you’re just not able to follow through on these brain-wise solutions no matter how hard you try, then just click the 'Cancel' button within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase completely.

    Guaranteed Results? It's up to you.

    PS. Considering the amount of time and energy you put into your work  —you deserve to get the most out of your efforts.

    You see, I want you to succeed. That's why I will be there with you on this journey*. I’ve put everything I’ve learned (as a consultant, therapist  and as a client) into this program so you can focus on the areas that give you the best results  - and that give you the kind of clarity and control over your mind that you need..

    And isn’t that the goal after all?

    *Please note that my "presence" in the students area is in the many Q&A's and in the automatic emails you receive. I openly share my own personal journey in these communications. However, if you are looking for a specific reply for your question it's best to book time with me (for a fee). Please note that neither this platform nor my booking service is a substitute for emergency or crisis care. If you have a question on whether these guides are a fit for you, please leave your inquiry here.

    Try "The ReCharge Reset"
    for a full 30 days

    If You’re Not Satisfied Within This 30 Day Window

    I'll Send You an Immediate Refund

    Easy on the budget


    • One-time fee. No recurring fees.
    • Refund guaranteed within 30 days
    • Access lasts one full year

    All fees are in USA $

    (Send me an email if you prefer that I send an invoice.)

    Used it for countless other situations

    Roughly 2 years ago . . . I decided to do the Brain Coaching Program. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I do mean that. Apart from it being so interesting it proved so effective and helped me in many areas. The wonderful thing was I could apply techniques and strategies taught to countless situations in my life.

    Now, having been away from the program for a while, I’ve decided to return and do a complete refresher course!

    Thanks again.


    I know how to get out of crisis / freeze modes

    "... The BCP is making a big difference in my life. Of great importance to me is how it has made me aware of, and start to understand Activation. Being aware of it. I know what to do and how to help myself, whether it be in Crisis or Freeze Modes."

    Hannah Bennet , Charter Member

    Gets me through the day

    “… And I want you to know how much I am enjoying and learning from the Brain Coaching Program. Everyday I take time to watch or rewatch a video – and it helps me get thru my day. Your voice and face help me to remember the work I need to be doing daily. I am so thankful for you :)”

    Jane S. , Charter Member / Unsolicited feedback

    Your program is like therapy for me

    Hi Suzanne, I’ve really enjoyed this first week. Being your client for some years now, I find this course a practical way to spend more time “in therapy” on-line as I live on an island and can’t always get in for sessions. The Brain Coaching Program is so worthwhile and you have done a marvelous job of putting this together to give an understandable process to help us heal from life. Your videos bring you right in front of me as if we were in session. Thank you.

    Lovely Elspeth…thank-you,


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